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Engagement Season…


{Engagement Season: Yup, it’s a thing y’all.}


What in the world is going on!? Here you are, engaged AF, and you have your heart set on a Saturday in October…. but you call the venue of your dreams and they are already booked. Ughhhh. How? What? Why? You don’t know until you know, as they say! Don’t worry girl, we got you! “Engagement season” is a real thing. Here is what you need to know:


Christmas Eve, Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve (that’s me!)

New Year’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Sounds cliché, but it’s totally not. Getting engaged during the holidays is the most fun, apparently everyone else thinks so too! What does that mean? This means dates are flying off the shelves and it’s a mad dash to the finish line for the most popular dates (Saturdays!).  Do not panic. Read that again, do not panic!

  • DON’T: Lock yourself into ONE wedding date before you tour venues. This will limit your options greatly.                                                                                                  
  • DO: Choose a range of dates. Don’t fall in love with a date, fall in love with the venue.
  • DON’T: Ignore the proposal trends above. It affects venue availability                     
  • DO: Go ahead, we dare you, book your venue before you get that ring. You’d be surprised how often we see this happen. All. The. Time. Brides put down a deposit to hold a date because they know the proposal is imminent. Weird at first, maybe, but guess what, you got the date you wanted, the venue you wanted, and you are one step ahead of the rest. WINNING.
  • DON’T: Choose a date because of what the weather “might” do. It’s Texas, Texas has no pattern. Texas does what Texas wants.                                                      
  • DO: Choose a date because it works with your schedule, you like that time of the year, and you can’t control the weather. We can’t guarantee the weather will be “perfect” (what does perfect even mean?!) but, we can guarantee it doesn’t matter, because it is what it is, and we make the best of it.  Have you seen our indoor wedding options? Swoon.
  • DON’T: Get stuck on a Saturday! Y’all, seriously, there are 6 other days in the week other than a Saturday.                                                                                           
  • DO: Open your mind. If you have found the one venue that checks all the boxes and it’s a must have, choose a different date other than Saturday if it’s not available. HELLO! Fridays and Sundays often offer a much lower rate. Kendall Point is $2000 less on a Friday/Sunday. Yes, we said $2000 dollars. I can find somewhere else to spend 2K, can you?! If you decide on a weekday, girl, we have a deal for you! Weekday pricing is even better.


"This venue made for the best wedding
I could’ve dreamed of!"

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