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What We Love About A Summer Wedding

At Kendall Point, we love weddings any time of year, but we’ve got a soft spot for summer weddings in particular.

The longer days and gorgeous sunsets, the carefree and relaxed atmosphere of our guests, the beautiful colors everywhere—what’s not to love?

Well, the heat for one. The summer temperatures—especially here in Texas—is the number one reason most of our couples are initially hesitant to have a summer wedding in San Antonio.

But when you choose the right wedding venue, the heat, or any weather for that matter, is nothing to worry about. So forget about the temps for a minute and read on for everything we love about a summer wedding. You’re sure to find some things you love too!

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Bride and groom kiss in aisle during their Kendall Point wedding ceremony.

What Are the Pros to Having a Summer Wedding?

Choosing your wedding date is your first big decision in the wedding planning process (because it goes hand-in-hand with choosing your venue). Lots of couples will steer away from the summer months (June, July, and August) because they’re the hottest, school schedules are different across the country, and lots of people already have vacations planned during these months.

Don’t be one of the couples immediately dissuaded. Take a look at all these summer wedding pros.

June Is the Perfect Mix of Spring & Summer

Of the three, June is the most popular summer month for weddings because it has the most mild temperatures, there aren’t any major holidays to contend with, and most schools are out by the middle of the month, making it easier for friends and family of all ages to join you.

Just like in July and August, the days are nice and long, there’s plenty of sunlight, and the flowers are stunning.

Plus, it’s still a comfortable temperature in the evenings once the sun is setting.

June has also always been considered one of the more romantic months of the year, making it perfect for your wedding.

Longer Days Means Easier Wedding Planning

When the sun sets at 5 PM, it’s hard to fit a solid wedding day timeline in there. Later sunsets means you don’t have to get started quite as early in the day, and there’s more time for you and your guests to let loose during the reception.

You also have more time to capture photos before, during, and after the sunset.

Plus, if you and your guests are night owls, have a later start because some daylight will still be there until after 8 PM, and most people are used to staying out later in the summer months anyway.

Less Competition in July & August

July and August aren’t quite as popular wedding months as June (or May and October), and we’re not quite sure why.

There’s only one major holiday to contend with, and it’s not one of the big travel or family-oriented holidays, so airfare and hotels aren’t super hard to come by. School isn’t an issue, and taking off work is typically easier during these months.

And less competition means you have better chances of getting your first choice venue and vendors, and maybe even at a discounted rate!

Clothing Options Galore

Formal, black tie, casual, cocktail—you have your pick of wedding dress codes in the summer.

You can choose lighter materials and more vibrant colors or patterns for your wedding party, and your wedding dress can also be a lighter material that’s easier to move in. Your guests can do the same when it comes to their outfits.

When you’re having to stay warm or contend with rain, it really limits your options (whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors).

The Natural Beauty of Summer

We’ll say it again. All summer long, there is lush greenery, clear skies, and gorgeous flowers everywhere you look.

Who wouldn’t want that as the backdrop in their wedding photos?

Not to mention as part of their wedding decor. You save money when the natural scenery of your venue is stunning enough on its own. You can also save a few bucks by choosing local, in-season flowers, and the summer months give you the most options.

Oh, and don’t forget that breathtaking sunset.

bride posing in front of summer flowers at kendall point

How to Make Your Summer Wedding Go Off Without a Hitch

Like anything, where there are pros, there are also cons. As we’ve said, the heat is the biggest drawback for many couples when considering a summer wedding.

There are also the occasional rain showers or thunderstorms to contend with.

These aren’t an issue when you’ve booked the right venue.

Opt for an indoor ceremony so rain isn’t a problem, or at the very least, make sure your venue has a backup plan ready to go in case of rain.

If you want an outdoor ceremony, provide cool drinks before the ceremony and handheld fans as your wedding program to keep guests cool (and quiet), and keep the whole thing under 20 minutes so your guests can get inside.

Work with your wedding planner to decide the perfect start time so the heat of the day will be behind you, but you can still soak up the sun. Finally, send out your invitations or save the dates well in advance to work around any summer vacations your guests may have planned.

In our opinion, the summer wedding pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Kendall Point veranda under gorgeous sunset

Kendall Point & Summer Weddings Are an Ideal Match

Kendall Point was designed to shine in the summer sun, and so will you!

Whether you’re looking at a June, July, or August wedding, we’re the venue for you. With equally stunning indoor and outdoor ceremony options and plenty of space for your guests to enjoy themselves and keep cool, it will be the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

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