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Wedding Vendor Checklist (Who To Book & When)

Congratulations! You’re engaged!

Now comes the fun part: planning your wedding!

Well, it can be fun, as long as you have all your ducks in a row. The problem comes when you’re trying to coordinate 100 tiny details that all match up with your vision (bonus points if there’s a time crunch).

Lucky for you, you have us!

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Kendall Point isn’t just a wedding venue; we are setting you up for the best experience a bride and groom can have. As the best San Antonio wedding venue, it’s safe to say we have a lot of experience with this kind of thing. And one of the most useful things we can give you is a wedding vendor checklist.

It’s like we always say, “The best weddings have the best vendors.” But it’s a lot harder to book the right vendors if you don’t book them at the right times. That’s okay though. We gotchu!


Wedding Vendor Checklist

Not only do you need to think about which vendors you need to book, you need to book them at the right times. A good wedding checklist may tell you to book a photographer, but they don’t always tell you when to book the photographer (in relation to your other wedding vendors).

Below is an ideal wedding vendor booking order that you can use to keep your wedding planning on track.

Kendall Point Texas Wedding Venue

1. Wedding Venue

You can’t plan anything until you’ve booked a venue, so do that first! Schedule a venue tour with your top choices to make sure you pick the right one. 

Wedding venues book up extremely quickly, especially during engagement season, so it’s a good idea to book the venue as early as possible. Plus, now you have an official wedding date to tell all your other vendors!

2. Wedding Planner

Even if you’re only looking for a “day-of” coordinator to help you stick to the wedding timeline, you’ll want to secure their services now. After all, they’re key to getting everything done! 

This is one of those vendors where not just anyone will do. You want to find someone who understands your vision and has the resources to carry it out (especially if you’re planning a short engagement), and be sure not to confuse a venue coordinator with a wedding planner.

Don’t let wedding planner cost dissuade you. They are well worth the price and they’ll help you save on plenty of items!

bride and groom kiss under lighted Kendall Point gazebo at night

3. Photographer

When you find the right photographer—the one whose craft blends seamlessly with your aesthetic—no one else can replace them. (Literally! They can’t clone themselves the way a caterer can.)

If you have a specific person in mind and they have your wedding date available, book them ASAP.

4. DJ/Band

Again, if you have a specific vendor in mind, book them as soon as you can to lock in that date. Especially if you want a DJ or band who can help facilitate wedding games or breaks in the music at specific times throughout the evening.

Keep in mind, some larger DJ companies have a team of DJs that get assigned at random. But this is one of those things where personality goes a long way. If you have a particular style in mind, book it early.

5. Videographer

Similar to a photographer, videographers are artists that tell the entire story of your wedding day. You don’t want to end up randomly assigned to a stranger.

Do your homework to find someone you love.

Lovely bride Ashleigh on the grounds of Kendall Point

6. Hair and Makeup Artist

Even brides that wouldn’t call themselves a Bridezilla tend to be pretty picky about two things: their wedding dress and their hair and makeup!

Look at lots of portfolios and find several whose style and personality mesh with yours. And always, always book a preview appointment! Your wedding day look is too important not to have a trial run.

7. Caterer/Bar Service

One of the most fun wedding vendors to book! Just show up hungry and you’ll have a blast!

Fortunately, most caterers can handle multiple events simultaneously, so booking early isn’t as much of a problem.

8. Florist

Forget 1-800-Flowers. Hire a professional; someone local who specializes in weddings and events (not just apology roses).

Again, this is another vendor that can handle multiple events in a weekend, so they shouldn’t book up as quickly.

The wedding cake with pink flowers as decoration.

9. Cake

Cake and desserts are everyone’s favorite! Again, most bakeries can accommodate several weddings in a day (and they usually make the cake in advance, anyway), so this can wait a little longer than other wedding vendors on this list.

10. Everything Else

Once your wedding is 4-5 months away, you should start crossing off the rest of your wedding planning checklist.

Things such as:

  • Invitations/Printer
  • Favors
  • Officiant
  • Transportation
  • Rentals (linens, décor…)
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Wedding Rings


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