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Christmas Wedding Ideas

Whether you’re planning a traditional ceremony or an elopement, there are so many ways to make your wedding day and surrounding festivities truly unique. One of the best ways is by getting married during the holidays, like say having a Christmas wedding.

A Christmas wedding has all kinds of benefits you might not think of right away: You’ll have a blast celebrating with friends and family, it’s a totally different experience from getting married at any other time of year, and it makes for gorgeous photos (just ask any photographer!).

But how can you make your Christmas wedding stand out from all the rest? That’s why we’re here!

Here are just some reasons why having your big day in December might be exactly what you and your fiancé have been looking for.

wedding gazebo at Kendall Point

Why We Love Christmas Weddings

There are a lot of reasons to love a Christmas-themed wedding. The most obvious one is that when planning a Christmas wedding it’s easier to find vendors who might otherwise be loaded down with private events, weddings, and parties during peak wedding season, typically May to September.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of the festive decorations venues already have up for the holiday season, making things a little easier on your budget.

Additionally, family and friends tend to get even more excited when they’re around each other during Christmas because they’re happy already due to the infectious Christmas spirit!

When you plan a Christmas wedding—or any winter wedding—it’s important to consider the elements in your plans. Pick a venue with both outdoor and indoor ceremony locations so you have a built-in backup plan in case of bad weather.

The Christmas season is a time for love and romance, and a winter wedding is a perfect opportunity to share your love with family and friends, so why not get married during this magical season?

Fun Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas is a time for celebration, joy, and happiness. It’s a season that brings family and friends together to share love and happiness.

This can also be reflected in your Christmas-themed wedding. You can create a beautiful atmosphere by incorporating some Christmas elements into your wedding day.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for incorporating a little Christmas magic into your wedding celebrations.

Snowflakes Hanging from the Ceiling

Imagine walking into your venue under a sky of hanging snowflakes, creating a soft, romantic, and whimsical atmosphere—how magical! This can easily be achieved by enlisting the assistance of family, friends, and even their kids.

Use your paper snowflake-making skills from your childhood, or check out this YouTube video to help you make your own snow magic.

String lights over the back patio at Kendall Point

Lights Everywhere

Nothing screams Christmas like the soft twinkle of string lights illuminating your event space. If your venue hasn’t already been decorated for the season, take it upon yourself to add this magical touch to your wedding reception or ceremony space.

Christmas Wedding Decorations

Garlands and wreaths can be hung around your wedding venue to add a natural, festive touch to the decor. You can even use this lovely greenery in tablescapes and around your arch during the ceremony if you plan to host your ceremony and reception in the same venue.

If you’re hosting your wedding at Kendall Point, we suggest hanging garlands and festive ribbons around the posts of our custom-built gazebo and pavilion to bring the warm holiday spirit outdoors.

Have a Festive-Themed Photo Booth

With fake snow falling from above, ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and so on, the possibilities for a holiday-themed wedding photobooth are endless. Pick up some Santa masks for guests to wear in the booth or really go all out and bring in Santa himself for truly unique wedding photos!

A photo booth is a great way to get the whole wedding party and all your guests involved. You could even have one at your rehearsal dinner, so your wedding party and their families can have fun in advance of the big day.

In addition to being a fun way to capture memories on camera, photo booths also provide an opportunity for people who don’t normally like taking pictures (or are shy) to join in on the fun!

Bride and bridesmaids in green dresses and fur wraps on wrap around porch

Embrace the Christmas Color Palette

With a Christmas wedding, your color palette is already there because red, green, and white work well with any other winter-themed event. Your guests will love the combination of these colors, and it really sets the scene for a fun wedding day.

You can incorporate these colors by having the bridesmaids dress in either red or green with the groomsmen’s’ ties matching the bridesmaids’ dresses. You can also have festive floral arrangements on the tables, tie colored ribbons around the chairs in the dining room, or even add a splash of red ornamental design to your wedding cake.

Christmas Trees and Ornaments

Decorate your venue with the ultimate festive touches like a Christmas tree or two. Consider adding some real pine cones around the base of your tree for added flair or even making the place cards out of pinecones with a red or green ribbon attached to them.

Having a gorgeous Christmas tree as part of your decor will make for some truly special wedding photos.

Christmas Themed Food

Food is always important at weddings, but when it comes to Christmas-themed weddings, there are some foods that simply cannot be missed.

Your guests will love anything with cinnamon or peppermint as an ingredient so go ahead and add those ingredients to your desserts, snacks, and even your signature drinks at the bar!

Elegant table setting using red, white, and green.

Dawn Elizabeth Studios

Kendall Point Can Make Your Christmas Wedding Dreams Come True

A Christmas wedding might seem off-putting to some because it’s a busy and difficult travel season, but only if you’re planning a Christmas wedding during the week of Christmas. A December wedding however can embrace the Christmas spirit no matter the date!

The Christmas season is a great time for couples to get married, and there are so many options for how you can make it your own.

If you’re planning on a winter wedding, Kendall Point San Antonio wedding venue is the spot for you! We have wonderful weather in December and the scenery of Texas Hill Country is truly breathtaking.

See for yourself by booking your in-person or virtual tour today!


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