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Wedding Planning

How To Pick A Wedding Date

Choosing your wedding date seems like it would be one of the easier tasks on your wedding planning to-do list. Just pick a Saturday when the weather will be nice, and you’re done, right?

Not so fast.

Picking your wedding date takes a lot more work than just looking at your calendar. You need to assess the season and month you’re hoping to get married, how many people you want to invite and how easy the travel might be, availability at your top wedding venues, and so much more.

Read on for Kendall Point’s pro tips on how to pick a wedding date and ways to make this tall task a bit easier.

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How Far Out Should You Pick A Wedding Date?

Ideally, you should start thinking about your wedding date right after getting engaged or about a year before you want to get married.

Most of your vendors will need to know the date of the event so they can avoid any scheduling conflicts. If you pick a date early enough, it’ll make planning a wedding that much easier.

Keep in mind that your venue plays a huge role in your wedding date, as you’ll be picking from the dates they have available. Giving yourself plenty of time will help ensure that your preferred date hasn’t been booked by another couple.

Bride and groom kiss during summer wedding at Kendall Point

What Is the Most Popular Wedding Date?

A recent study by The Knot revealed that fall weddings are the most popular, specifically September and October. June was second place, while April and November tied for third.

However, “wedding season” will be different depending on when you’re getting married. If you’re planning a destination wedding, you may want to check the most popular dates in the area to get an idea of when peak wedding season is.


How Do You Decide On a Date For a Wedding?

Unfortunately, there’s no mathematical formula to help you choose the perfect wedding date. Each couple has their own priorities and concerns leading up to their big day, so this step will be different for everyone.

That being said, you can ask yourself a few questions to narrow down your options.

Are Any Dates Meaningful To You?

When picking a wedding date, many couples start with dates that are special to them on a personal level. Maybe you want to get married on the anniversary of your first date or you’ve always dreamed of a cozy Christmas wedding.

If you’re into astrology, check your horoscope for a little guidance. Similarly, plenty of couples choose lucky numbers or memorable dates to make their anniversary easier to remember. Getting married on 11/11 has a nice ring to it, as does 2/6/26.

Just remember, if your heart is set on a specific date for any personal reasons, you might want to have some wiggle room in your budget and with your engagement timeline. You might have to wait an extra year for your dream June 6th wedding date.

Bride posing with her bridesmaids on Kendall Point veranda

What’s Your Wedding Budget?

Your wedding budget is a crucial component of a wedding plan, and one of the best ways to ensure you stick to it is to pick your wedding date based on your budget. This usually means choosing a date in the off-season which can drastically decrease your prices.

The months of January, February, July, and August are the least popular months to get married. That means you’ll have a better pick of venues and vendors, and some of them might even be offering a discount.

When getting married in the off-season, it might also mean your guests won’t have other vacations already planned, making them more available for your big day.

Should I Get Married On a Holiday?

Holidays can be a popular time to get married because you know your guests will have time off, but this doesn’t just apply to the winter holidays. There’s Memorial Day, July 4th, and plenty of bank holidays and three-day weekends sprinkled throughout the year.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that many venues and vendors have higher rates during certain holidays.

Kendall Point veranda under gorgeous sunset

What Is the Best Season For a Wedding?

If you pick your wedding date by the season, it’s best to keep a few dates in mind, so you can have your pick of venues and vendors. And speaking of which, be sure your wedding venue has backup plans for the weather (and that they won’t charge extra for adjusting the thermostat).

Don’t forget to also check on any major events happening around that time that could interfere. If there’s an annual festival or sporting event in town the same weekend, hotels might already be booked up.

Spring Weddings

Pros: Gorgeous scenery and it’s not too hot or humid yet. Plenty of flowers are in bloom, and it’s not a busy vacation time for many.

Cons: April, May, and especially June are popular wedding months, so prices and competition are higher (and availability less so). You might be in for a longer engagement.

Summer Weddings

Pros: Many people aren’t incredibly busy with work so it’s easy to take time off, stunning natural light for photos, long days mean plenty of time to enjoy yourself!

Cons: Boy is it hot, but if you choose the right venue, this isn’t a problem. Summer storms can wreak havoc at the last minute, and your guests might already have summer trips planned.

Fall Weddings

Pros: Mild temperatures, beautiful scenery, save on décor and just use your surroundings!

Cons: These are very popular wedding months, and it’s right after summer so guests might not have much vacation time left (that they aren’t saving for the holidays). Plus, it might get a little too cold at night, meaning you either need a venue that can do indoor and outdoor or just settle for indoor only.

Winter Weddings

Pros: Everyone is in a festive mood already, and it’s not the most popular time of year for a wedding. You can also have fun incorporating the season into your décor and food (hot chocolate, eggnog, blankets, and more)!

Cons: Snow storms can alter travel plans at the last minute and you might be limited to indoor-only venues. Good thing it doesn’t (usually) snow in Texas!


What Is the Best Day To Have a Wedding?

Saturday is the number one day of the week to get married, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option! Friday and Sunday weddings are growing in popularity, but we’ve also seen plenty of weekday weddings as well.

Getting married on a non-Saturday can not only save you money (since demand is lower), it might just get you into your favorite wedding venue sooner!

Bride and groom dance on lit Kendall Point veranda

Choose Your Venue First, Then Pick a Wedding Date

Here at Kendall Point, we believe that the best way to pick a wedding date is to pick your venue first. After all, the venue has a lot more say in what your wedding day will be like.

When you tour a venue, it’s important to have several dates in mind (or even a first-choice month) so you can ask about availability, but if you’re limiting yourself to one specific date, you might also be limiting your choice of venues.

If you want to spend time inside and out during your wedding day, make sure your venue can accommodate both. If you’re having a summer wedding, but your venue doesn’t have much space indoors, you need to find ways to keep your guests comfortable outside—and make sure you have a plan for rain!


Pick Your Ideal Wedding Date at Kendall Point

At Kendall Point, we do everything we can to make our venue ideal for any wedding date.

We host weddings every day of the week and offer lower rates for non-Saturdays all year long. We also offer special rates for off-season months to ease your wedding budget.

No matter what wedding date you choose, at Kendall Point you get full, exclusive access to our stunning venue all day long. Have your ceremony inside or out, and enjoy dancing in our grand ballroom and cocktails on our veranda looking out at beautiful Texas Hill Country.

We may be in Texas, but we can keep you and your guests cool during any summer wedding, and we can move the ceremony indoors at a moment’s notice if the weather turns.

Contact us today to schedule a virtual or in-person tour and ask about our available dates!


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