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Why We Love Friday Weddings

There are a million decisions that go into wedding planning. From the venue to the entertainment to the guest list to the color scheme, there’s a lot to consider. One of the most important parts of planning your wedding is, of course, choosing your date.

Whether you’re planning a summer or fall wedding, Saturdays are obviously the most popular choice, but that doesn’t mean they’re your only options.

If you’re recently engaged, why not have a Friday wedding? Not only are you kicking off the weekend in the best possible way, but Friday weddings also come with plenty of perks. 

An outdoor wedding ceremony under the Kendall Point gazebo.

Why We Love Friday Weddings

For starters, who doesn’t love taking an extra day or two off work? Second, getting married on a Friday means you have so many more options throughout your planning process and it can even be easier on your wedding budget.  

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Read on for more reasons to plan a Friday wedding.


More Venue & Vendor Availability 

Here at Kendall Point, we are strong believers that your dream wedding venue is more important than your dream wedding date. While it’s normal to have a preferred season and month for your wedding, you shouldn’t be afraid of changing things around if your chosen venue doesn’t have the availability.

But the best part about having Friday weddings is you may not have to change too much. Your chosen venue may already be booked on the second Saturday in June, but the Friday before is open and ready for your big day.

When you open your wedding planning to the idea of a Friday wedding, suddenly, there are a lot more available dates—and vendors too! If everyone else is booking for their Saturday wedding, chances are you won’t have as much competition booking your top choice caterer or DJ for a Friday night wedding. There is also the chance that your vendors will be double or triple booked on a Saturday, but on Friday, it’s all about you. 


Friday Weddings Are More Budget-Friendly

Because Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, the competition is going to be higher. And with more competition comes higher costs.

Many wedding venues, entertainment companies, caterers, florists, and more wedding vendors charge higher prices for Saturday weddings and events. Having a Friday wedding could save you money on a number of items on your wedding checklist.

When you go on your venue tour, be sure to ask about their prices for various days and ask if any of their preferred vendors offer Friday discounts as well.

Saving a few thousand dollars on your wedding venue by having your wedding on a Friday is money that could be spent on more food and drink options, wedding favors, or even your honeymoon.

Bride throws her bouquet during her Friday wedding reception at Kendall Point.

Friday Weddings Offer More Flexibility

In addition to lower costs, Friday weddings also offer more flexibility.

When you have your wedding on Saturday, you might have to settle for a date you don’t want or your second or third choice vendors if all of your top choices are booked up. With Fridays being less popular, you’ll likely have a larger pool of available vendors to choose from. Your first choice hair and makeup stylist might have more availability before a Friday evening wedding than on a Saturday afternoon.

In terms of out-of-town guests, a Friday wedding may seem like an inconvenience, but in reality, it can save them money as well. Hotels are cheaper on Thursday and Friday nights compared to Saturdays, while flights are also cheaper.

You’ll be giving your guests plenty of advance notice of the date anyway, so taking the time off work isn’t a burden, and if you have a Friday evening wedding, local guests can easily come after work if needed.

Having your rehearsal dinner on a Thursday will open up more options for restaurants and venues as well.

By having your wedding on a Friday, you’re also opening up the whole weekend for you and your guests. You can spend that extra time with your friends and loved ones on Saturday without stressing over the upcoming nuptials, and if you’re having a destination wedding, suddenly, you and your guests have all day Saturday to relax and explore your new surroundings. Plus, think of it as a lead in to your honeymoon!

This also means that you and your guests can party as much as you want at your Friday night wedding because you have the whole weekend to rest and recuperate! 

The bride dances with her wedding guests during the reception at Kendall Point.

Friday or Sunday Wedding?

Like Friday, Sunday is also a slightly less popular wedding day meaning your venue and vendors might have more availability and even offer a slight discount. 

If you’re in the mood for an early wedding with a brunch reception, Sunday weddings are for you. There’s no reason you can’t do it on a Friday as well, but Friday evening weddings are more common and convenient to your guests while Sunday morning/afternoon weddings are typically more suitable. Sunday weddings also have a more relaxed vibe.

Sunday weddings might be more difficult for out of town guests to attend as it’s just before the workweek, and you might notice guests leaving early compared to Friday night weddings. 


Friday Wedding Etiquette

Most guests expect a Saturday wedding, and the second most common day is Sunday, so when you have a Friday wedding, make sure to give your guests plenty of notice so they can make the proper arrangements. 

Your save the date cards and wedding website should clearly state that this wedding is on a Friday. 

Begin your ceremony at a reasonable time, allowing people time to head home after work (or fly in that morning) instead of rushing over. Most Friday weddings will begin no earlier than 5:30pm and while that may seem late, you’ll still have a solid five hours to party afterward (remember, the whole weekend is ahead of you)!

Finally, don’t be offended if guests opt to skip the ceremony and come for the reception. There might be work conflicts or travel issues. You’ll have the rest of the weekend to spend with your loved ones. 


Have the Perfect Friday Wedding at Kendall Point

The most important aspect of planning your dream wedding is making sure you find the perfect wedding venue. Here in Texas Hill Country, that wedding venue is Kendall Point.

Located in Boerne, just outside of San Antonio, we offer everything couples need to have a truly memorable and beautiful day. From our stunning views of the rolling hills to our extravagant amenities, you and your guests will love every minute of your wedding day.

You can choose between an indoor or outdoor ceremony and enjoy complete access to our venue for a full 14 hours on your wedding day.

Contact Kendall Point today to schedule and tour and start planning the wedding of your dreams.


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