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Fall Wedding Planning Guide

Congratulations! You’ve chosen a date and decided to host a beautiful fall wedding. To be honest, we love all seasons, but fall holds a special place in our hearts! Autumn is lavish, poetic, colorful, and absolutely mesmerizing, so it will inspire your whole event. From the theme to the color palette to the decorations and beyond.

When it comes to fall weddings, you’ll be able to incorporate the vibrant tones of the season’s changing leaves into your outfits and decorations, as well as counteract the cooler weather with warm touches and serve delectable seasonal fare!

There are many reasons to look forward to planning a fall wedding, no matter what part of the big day you’re most excited about. And we are here to help inspire and guide you in planning a beautiful, relaxed fall wedding.

A bride and her bridesmaids in dark green dresses for a stunning fall wedding.

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Bridal parties and guests typically put extra thought into their attire for fall weddings. It’s all about the fabrics, hues, and accessories! Naturally, when planning your special day, it’s important to choose duds that reflect the season as well as your personal taste.

To recreate the splendor of autumn, you might choose a wedding gown with a champagne underlay, gorgeous sleeves, or illusion details. Choose thicker fabric to keep you warm and comfortable while having wedding pictures taken in front of the beautiful autumn foliage. You can also go with a stunning white suit for your reception outfit!

Alternatively, you may add still another fashionable element by using a detachable overskirt. For the groom and groomsmen, it’s a chance to break away from basic black and try dark brown or khaki suits with rust or burgundy neckties.

Lean on those same gorgeous fall colors for your wedding party as well with bridesmaid dresses in earth tones and accessorize with wraps or shawls to keep everyone warm.

As for your guests wondering what to wear to fall wedding, those same earth tones  or natural motifs are perfect and it’s a great occasion for a shawl or wrap to keep you warm as the sun goes down.

Fall Wedding Colors and Decor

If we are being honest, fall weddings are picture-perfect events. Not too hot, not too chilly, and with excellent seasonal beverages and delicacies, it is a perfect cozy celebration!
Plus, autumn wedding décor pieces come in some of the finest colors. Imagine soft hues, textured flowers, and golden foliage paired with unique rust or jewel-tone accents! Simply divine!

Opt for a rich color palette for your fall wedding decor. Fall is a time of rich, warm colors, and incorporating these hues into your wedding attire can help create a cohesive and autumnal look. Think deep reds, burgundies, and burnt oranges for a fall wedding color scheme.

This starts with your wedding invitations and goes all the way down to your centerpieces and greeting signs on the big day. Don’t be afraid to embrace all the fall elements in your wedding decor. Natural foliage, pumpkins, and other gourd vegetables make for classic fall wedding decorations. Plus, if you’re a fan of Halloween, don’t be afraid to lean into a spooky themed wedding!

A caterer pours a smoothie into a gourd, a unique food option for a wedding

Fall Wedding Planning Essentials

Like a jigsaw puzzle, many different parts need to fit together perfectly for your special day. As with springtime, fall weddings are extremely popular, so don’t wait to book your venue! The best outdoor wedding venues will book up quickly and well in advance in the fall, and there’s no shame in scouting a few venues when you know an engagement is looming.

After you’ve got your fall wedding date set, there are some other crucial planning aspects to consider: working around guests’ busy fall schedules, your wedding day timeline, and staying cozy.

Fall is not just a wonderful wedding season; it’s also football season. If you know a lot of your family and friends are diehard football fans but you’re set on having an October wedding, check the schedule before booking your date. Try to avoid having your wedding on a big game weekend or find a way for people to enjoy the games at the same time as your celebration.

Do you have any avid hunters in your family or close friend group? Fall is prime hunting season, so check with the VIP dudes in your family to make sure they don’t have a big hunting trip already planned!

Just a little food for thought from our Texas Hill Country wedding venue.

When considering your fall wedding date, also be mindful of holidays. A Halloween themed wedding can be very fun, but having the wedding over Halloween itself might be a damper for some of your guests.

And while traveling around Thanksgiving is usually more difficult and more expensive, Thanksgiving is also a four-day weekend, one of the most popular wedding weekends on the calendar. Your wedding reception timeline is also crucial for a fall wedding. You’ll want to kick off the celebrations earlier to avoid the cooler temperatures, especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony.

Remember, the golden rule on wedding ceremony start time: 1.5 hours before sunset is ideal!

And whenever you have an outdoor ceremony, it’s crucial that you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. That’s the beauty of a venue like Kendall Point which has stunning indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception options.

Having a solid wedding timeline will also mean you get the best fall wedding photos. Take your first look and wedding party photos before the ceremony so you have as much daylight as possible and still get beautiful sunset shots during and immediately after the ceremony.

View of Kendall point with beautiful blue sky.

Plan Your Perfect Fall Wedding at Kendall Point

Choosing the perfect venue for your big day is the most important element in wedding planning. And if you’re looking to have the perfect San Antonio wedding, Kendall Point is the spot for you.

We provide couples with all the amenities they’ll need for a stunning and unforgettable wedding, from top-rated wedding planners and caterers to state-of-the-art bridal and groom’s suites. Plus, you can soak up the gorgeous Texas Hill Country views throughout your celebration.

If you’re ready to start planning the wedding of your dreams, contact Kendall Point now to schedule a tour.


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