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Wedding Tips

Wedding Dessert Ideas Your Guests Are Sure To Love

Let’s be honest: dessert is everyone’s favorite part of a meal! And while your guests will likely be expecting a traditional wedding cake, it’s becoming more popular to add some other options to your dessert table.

Kendall Point hosts hundreds of weddings every year and are always blown away by the creativity that our couples show when planning their wedding menus.

So we’ve pulled together a list of our top wedding dessert ideas that you can incorporate into your catering menu (in addition to serving cake)!


Wedding Dessert Ideas

row of cake pops on display at a wedding

1. Cake Pops

Beloved by kids and adults alike, cake pops are an adorable wedding cake alternative or a cute way to serve an additional flavor. Not only do they come in a variety of flavors and styles, they’re insanely portable—guests can take them straight to the dance floor!

Some guests will also love getting a smaller portioned dessert so they don’t feel overstuffed in their formal wear.

closeup for three wedding guests holding ice cream cones

2. Ice Cream

Think about how excited your guests will be to see an ice cream truck at your reception! You can also offer a selection of frozen treats—such as ice cream sandwiches—or set up an ice cream sundae bar!

Add in toppings like whipped cream, cherries, and sprinkles, and the dessert table is sure to be a hit.

And keep in mind, ice cream is a hit year round—it’s not only for summer weddings.

making s'mores over a small flame

3. S’mores

It’s right in the name: your guests will definitely come back wanting “s’more” of this delicious treat!

Set up your s’mores bar with graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and some more unique options, such as Ritz crackers, white chocolate, and cookie butter. Add a few gel fuel cans to toast the marshmallows and you’ve got a wedding dessert they can’t get enough of.

heart shaped cookies on wedding dessert table

4. Cookies

Whether you prefer a homemade chocolate chip cookie or a classic Oreo, cookies (and milk!) are a surefire way to get your guests talking.

Boerne has a wealth of local bakeries that offer tasty confections in a wide range of flavors and textures. And if you’re looking for a fun wedding favor, a beautifully decorated cookie that fits your wedding theme is always a hit.

wedding dessert table at Kendall Point with various types of pie

5. Pie

By the slice or in miniature, this underrated treat is great for any palate or season.

Planning a summer wedding? Serve up cheerful slices of cherry pie.

Fall wedding? Celebrate with mini pumpkin pies or apple tarts. The options—and the appetites—are endless!

platter of churros with chocolate dipping sauce

6. Churros

This Mexican delicacy is the perfect sweet accompaniment to any wedding celebration! And because we’re in Texas, there are plenty of options available, including bite-sized and filled versions.

Serve with a variety of dipping sauces for the best reception out there!

wedding candy bar

7. Candy

Why have a regular buffet when you can have a candy buffet?!

Candy bars have been a popular choice at wedding dessert tables for decades and it’s easy to see why. Guests can enjoy a multitude of flavors and textures and it’s an easy wedding favor (just set out some decorative bags and let guests go “nuts”).

Stick with a monochromatic look to coordinate with your color palette or offer a variety of nostalgic sweets for a retro option.

berry popsicles on ice

8. Popsicles

Popsicles, or paletas, are a delicious way to beat the Texas heat.

From classics like strawberry or chocolate to more unique options (like chamoy and lime), each bite is sure to be more delicious than the last! Rent a popsicle cart to keep everything chilly and add a pop of color to your reception.

woman holding three sticks of cotton candy over machine

9. Cotton Candy

This light and airy treat is a dessert and entertainment in one delicious package. Guests of all ages will love watching these colorful confections get made almost as much as they’ll love eating them!

bride and groom holding pink donuts

10. Donuts

No one is ever disappointed to see donuts! Whether you serve a wall of classic glazed donuts or a tower of donut holes, this dessert will probably disappear faster than your wedding cake.

Paired with a cup of coffee, this is an ideal way to refuel for another hour on the dance floor.

macaron tower display

11. Macarons

This classic French confectionary is having a moment—and a welcome one, at that!

These treats are light, chewy, and bursting with unique flavors. Add color and drama to your reception with a tower display of macarons, or package them up for a fun (and tasty!) wedding favor.

mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows

12. Hot Chocolate

It doesn’t often snow here in Boerne, but winters can be chilly—especially when the sun goes down. So why not warm your guests up with a hot chocolate bar?

Serve up this classic winter drink alongside whipped cream, candy canes, and (of course) marshmallows to add the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas wedding.

chocolate fountain with display of fruit and sweets for dipping

13. Chocolate Fountain

Impressive, delicious, and downright fun, chocolate fountains are a welcome addition to any wedding. Keep it simple with dark or milk chocolate, or add a caramel fountain for a fun twist on an old favorite.

Don’t forget the items for dipping! Fruit, pretzels, and graham crackers are standard, but feel free to think outside the box.

closeup of hand holding red snow cone

14. Snow Cones & Shaved Ice

It’s important to keep your guests cool and comfortable at your wedding, so any cold treat will be a hit at summer nuptials. Served in a cup or a cone, this playground favorite is a great addition to your July or August wedding.

Rent a truck or cart and guests of all ages will be lining up for their favorite flavor.

platter of kolaches

15. Kolaches

Kolaches may be a traditional Czech delicacy, but they’re a favorite throughout the Lone Star State. You can find them in many bakeries around Boerne and San Antonio in a variety of your favorite fillings and flavors.

Serve a mixture of savory and sweet kolaches for a late-night snack/dessert combo!


You Can Have Your Wedding Cake & Eat It Too!

As you can see, there are plenty of wedding dessert ideas that go beyond the traditional cake and help to showcase your wedding theme or personality.

Don’t feel limited by this list, either. Any dessert can be a great wedding dessert!

Furthermore, there is no hard and fast rule saying you have to have a traditional wedding cake at all. Try a cupcake tower, or even just a small cake as the top tier while the rest is just decoration.

And if you’re really not much of a sweet tooth and you know your guests aren’t either, talk to your caterer about a fruit bar or bringing in a coffee bar to keep people going as the evening winds down.

What’s most important is that your wedding menu represents your tastes.

wedding dessert table at Kendall Point with mini chocolate cupcakes

Have a Sweet Wedding at Kendall Point

Life is short—eat dessert first! Or in this case, plan out your wedding desserts whenever you want. After all, it’s great to be prepared!

If you’ve got your dessert menu all planned out but are still looking for that perfect venue, come check out Kendall Point, a classic San Antonio wedding venue that can match whatever theme or look you’re envisioning for your big day.

In-person and virtual tours are available, plus we offer special pricing for certain days and dates! Get in touch today to get started.


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