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10 Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

When you think “wedding cake toppers,” it’s very likely that what comes to mind is figurines of a miniature bride and groom. Modern wedding trends, however, are seeing much more variety when it comes to wedding cake toppers.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own event, here are 10 wedding cake topper ideas that are sure to add the perfect touch to your dessert table.

Wedding cake topped with fresh flowers

1. Flowers

Flowers are by far the most popular wedding cake topper. Not only are they available in a wide array of colors, they’re likely already present throughout your venue (not to mention your bouquet)!

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Most brides opt to match or coordinate with their other floral arrangements, but this can also be done creatively so that your cake stands out, if that’s what you prefer. There are multiple ways to use flowers as your wedding cake topper, from cascading down the side, to simple clusters on each layer.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with flowers!

bride and groom cutting into wedding cake topped with fruit

2. Fruit

Fruit is an underrated cake decoration, if you ask us!

Not only does it lend an air of abundance, it can also give a hint as to any fillings you may have chosen.

Additionally, fruits are just as seasonal as flowers, so there’s also ample opportunity to reflect the seasonality of your event. Consider ripe, luscious berries for a spring wedding or citrus slices for summer. For a fall wedding, consider figs or grapes, while cranberries are a gorgeous touch for a winter event.

cute wedding cake with topper reading "best day ever"

3. Sentimental

Not everyone thinks about it, but your wedding cake is the perfect place to share your sentiments of the day. Think about it: no matter what else is going on at your reception, everyone will be looking at the cake!

Popular sentiments for wedding cake toppers include:

  • Always & Forever
  • Love
  • Meant To Be
  • Love You More
  • Best Day Ever
  • God Gave Me You

couple holding wedding cake topped with pinecone and winter greenery

4. Themed

If you’re hosting a themed wedding, a matching cake topper is sure to tie all the details together!

For a winter wedding, for example, you can’t go wrong with a selection of winter greenery and pinecones.

Closeup of wedding cake topper featuring couple's names

5. Personalized

Your big day reflects the hopes and dreams the two of you have for your wedding as well as your future together. To further customize your day, why not leave your mark—literally—on your cake as well?

A custom wedding cake topper featuring your name and wedding date is always the perfect choice, and can be used afterward to remember how you felt that day.

naked wedding cake with cake topper featuring couples' initial

6. Monogram

If a fully personalized cake topper isn’t your thing, try a monogrammed one with just the first letter of your (new) last name.

Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, this is an elegant way to share your joy and show off that stunning cake while you’re at it!

closeup of wedding cake topper shaped like a dog

7. Fur Babies

Got a beloved pet who can’t make it to the ceremony? Honor them by using their likeness as your wedding cake topper!

Even if your pet isn’t a recognizable breed, there are plenty of independent sellers (check Etsy) who can custom design one to match your fur baby’s floppy ears and curious head tilt.

If you’d rather be more subtle, you can have a hidden dog towards the back of the cake. For a cute and clever “easter egg,” have the baker remove a small piece so it looks like your pet has been digging in!

naked cake with bunting as cake topper

8. Bunting

Bunting adds a whimsical, vintage touch that’s ideal for a spring wedding.

These small banners can spell out “Mr. & Mrs.”, “Love,” or a similar saying, or they can be blank, as seen above. They can be easily found on plenty of websites, but it’s easy to make your own, too.

wedding cake topper in silhouette style of bride, groom, and dog

9. Silhouette

Long into the reception, your guests will still be thinking about how the two of you looked as you exchanged vows. Keep that vision in mind by using your silhouettes as your wedding cake topper.

Although it’s easy enough to get a custom cake topper using your actual silhouettes, the effect is just as nice with a generic one.

wedding cake with minimal decoration

10. Minimalist

Who says you have to have a wedding cake topper?

Wedding cakes can look just as gorgeous (and sometimes more striking) with nothing on top. If you have gorgeous decorations on the side of the cake (such as a geode, a stunning floral arrangement, or delicate embossing), a cake topper may even be a distraction.


How To Choose a Wedding Cake Topper

Before you make a final decision about your cake topper, make sure you talk to the bakery to see how big the top layer of your cake will be. Most bakers agree that your cake topper should be no wider than the top tier. However, if you have your heart set on a specific topper, your baker may be able to adjust the size of the cake accordingly.

Another thing to discuss with them is the weight of your cake topper. If you’ve chosen a heavy ceramic figurine, for example, they may have to construct the cake in a certain way so that it doesn’t sink or crumble throughout your reception.

Finally, if you’re unsure about what type of topper will look best, they will also be able to offer advice based on other cakes they’ve made. Leaning on your vendors’ experience is a good rule of thumb throughout the wedding planning process.


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