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Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator 101


Planning your dream wedding is not something you can do on your own. Some couples elect to hire a wedding planner who helps them every step along the way, from booking the venue and choosing the invitations to coordinating your wedding vendors on the big day. 

But with wedding costs rising and rising, a wedding planner doesn’t fit into everyone’s wedding budget. That doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck though. You may elect to hire a wedding coordinator or your venue may offer a venue coordinator. 

Wedding coordinators, sometimes called day of wedding coordinators (but don’t let this term fool you!) are often confused with a venue coordinator. They can both help perform some of the roles a wedding planner would to help take some of the burden off of the bride and groom’s shoulders and make sure your big day runs smoothly. 

But when it comes to your big day, wedding coordinator duties are entirely different from venue coordinator duties. 

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Just because they’re both coordinators does not mean they’re the same thing. So what exactly are “day of wedding coordinators” and venue coordinators, what’s the difference, and what do you need for your special day? 

Read on to find out.

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What Is A Day of Wedding Coordinator?

Day of wedding coordinator duties are similar to those of a wedding planner, but they work with couples for a shorter time and handle fewer tasks. 

A wedding planner literally helps you plan the wedding from almost day one, while the wedding coordinator duties mainly involve overseeing all the planning you’ve put into place when your wedding day arrives. 

Just because they’re called day of coordinators does not mean you’ll only see them on the day of the wedding (make sure before you hire someone!). Most of the time, a day of coordinator will start 45 days out from the wedding, and their work includes contract review with vendors, venue run-through, wedding day timeline planning, and more. 

Then when your special day has arrived, a day of coordinator makes sure the vendors arrive on time and know where to go and that your wedding timeline goes as scheduled. 

Many wedding planners have packages that vary from full-service planning to month-of coordination. We strongly encourage couples not to hire a day of coordinator, but that’s a topic for another day! 

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What Is A Venue Coordinator?

While a wedding planner or coordinator works for the couple getting married, the venue coordinator naturally works for the venue. 

They’ll conduct your venue tour and answer your wedding venue questions, let you know what services are included in their wedding packages, tell you about payment options, and are your point of contact for the venue.

On the day of the wedding, a venue coordinator gives access to your vendors, makes sure chairs are set up for the wedding ceremony, and makes sure the venue is completely ready for your wedding. They are present to tell the wedding party, family members, and guests where they should go, but ultimately, they are there to oversee the venue.

While the venue coordinator will help vendors set up tables and chairs for your reception, it is up to you and your wedding coordinator to decide where you want the sweetheart table, what floral arrangements go where, and all the more personal aspects of your wedding. 

A venue coordinator can certainly give you tips on where tables will have the best lighting, but it’s you and your planner’s job to design the look you want for your wedding.

Because the venue coordinator works for the venue, it’s entirely possible that the one who gives you a tour might not be the same person who’s there on your wedding day, but their role stays the same.


Can You Have Both a Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator?

the Kendall Point Grand Ballroom


A venue coordinator, as stated before, works for the venue while the wedding coordinator works for you. You might need to ask the venue coordinator certain logistical questions like what’s the earliest your vendors can arrive on your wedding day, and a venue coordinator will ensure the air conditioning is working properly and the venue is properly cleaned.

A day of wedding coordinator’s duties are very different. 

The bottom line is you shouldn’t rely on a venue coordinator to be there for you on your wedding day. They will be there to make sure the venue is ready to host you and your guests and nothing more. 

If you can’t afford a full-service wedding planner, hiring a day of wedding coordinator will take a lot of pressure off your shoulders when your big day comes. 


Wedding Coordinator Duties vs. a Venue Coordinator Duties

We’ve discussed the broad differences between a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator, but let’s get into specifics. When it comes to the wedding planning process and your wedding ceremony and reception, who is in charge of what tasks?





Give you a tour of the venue


Book your date


Answer questions specific to the venue


Help with floor plan design

Provide a list of preferred or required vendors


Open the venue for vendors on wedding day


Control house lighting during the reception


Venue maintenance (Restrooms, AC, Trash)


Set up tables and chairs


Break down venue at end of the evening


Assemble master wedding timeline and share with vendors


Review contracts with vendors


Answer wedding etiquette questions


Assist with decor vision


Recommend vendors to fit your budget and style


Arrive at venue before first vendor

Organize rentals and vendors


Assist guests through ceremony and reception


Attend to needs of the bride and groom


Distribute final payments and tips to vendors


Coordinate with photographer, videographer, and DJ throughout ceremony and reception


Manage wedding timeline during ceremony and reception


Clean up and pack decor and personal items



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