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Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator 101


Wedding Coordinator VS Venue Coordinator 

Your venue comes with a wedding coordinator? No it doesn’t. Here’s why and here’s the difference. A wedding planner essentially makes critical decisions regarding what, when, who, and how. They handle everything related to your venue, vendors, and wedding party. Most planners are with the couple from beginning to the end to oversee all parts of the wedding day. A venue coordinator is responsible for the venue. Plain and simple, the venue coordinator is hired by the venue and works for the venue.Their primary role is to protect the venue. A wedding planner and a venue coordinator have very separate responsibilities. 

Keep in mind, most planners have several packages. Most commonly, either full planning, partial planning, or month of coordination. Below is a short list of duties and responsibilities with a Wedding Planner VS your Venue Coordinator! 

Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator


Assemble master timeline and share with all vendors

Give you a tour of the venue

Review contracts, identify any potential issues/time conflicts,

make sure vendors follow through with contractual obligations 

Book your date/tour

Answer etiquette questions

Answer questions specific to the venue

Assist with decor vision, tailoring to the venue and budget 

Help with a floor plan design

Recommend vendors tailored to your style and budget 

Provide you a list of preferred vendors


Arrive at venue before 1st vendor arrives 

Open the venue on wedding day

Keep you on track with your to-do list

Control house lighting during the reception

Organize your rentals/vendors 

Venue maintenance (AC, restrooms, trash)

Line up bridal party, and cue DJ for processional

Set up tables/chairs 

Direct and assist guests through ceremony and reception 

Drive golf cart /transport guests

Attend to the needs of the bride and groom

Break down venue at end of evening

Distribute final payments/tips to vendors


Set up and break down personal items


Coordinate grand entrance and exit 


Coordinate with photographer to capture all of your special moments


Adjust timeline and communicate with all vendors 


Acts as liaison between your family, friends and vendors 


Clean up decor and pack personal items 


Take care of any and all last minute changes and emergencies 






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