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Vendor Booking Order

Venue booked ✓ Now what? We got you. Wedding Vendor booking order

Now that you have booked the best wedding venue in Texas, let’s get you the best vendors in Texas. We can help point you in the right direction, and tell you when to hire your vendors, and the wedding vendor booking order.

Without a doubt, your family and friends are chiming in right now telling you what to do and how to do it. That’s great, but there is an easy way to get all the wedding things done, in an orderly fashion, leaving you stress free and allowing you to enjoy the process with family and friends.

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be hard, and it should be fun, and it shouldn’t be a drag to book vendors. As we have said time and time again, the best weddings have the best vendors. Kendall Point isn’t just a wedding venue, we are setting you up for the best experience a Bride and Groom can have. 

Below a wedding vendor booking order. Keep in mind, you might be booking a lot of these vendors simultaneously. But you’ll want to book services that are single owned. For example, a Photographer…there is only one of them, they can’t clone themselves like a caterer can. Same goes with a Planner, and the DJ/Band if you are looking for a specific person. Things like catering, cake, bar, flowers…they can host several weddings a day with multiple people on their team, so you don’t have to rush with those! Will you trust us? Lets go. 

  • Wedding venue                                                                                              {You can’t plan anything without one}

  • Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator                                                     {Yes, do this first. Even if you are only looking for a “day of” wedding manager, you’ll need to secure their services  now}

  • Photographer                                                                                                      {You have to find one that speaks your language.  But also, if you are after that one particular person to shoot your wedding and they have your date open, book them now}

  • DJ/Band                                                                                                               {Most often a DJ is a specific style/MC that you like, so if you don’t want just a random “day of assigned to you DJ”, get the pro you like now. Same goes with the band if you go that route}

  • Videographer /Cinematographer                                                                  {Often, we see brides hire a videographer as a last minute vendor. The videographer tells the entire story of your wedding day. Don’t wait to book one, get one you love, one that is not a “puppy mill” or big box service. This is personal, you’ll want to do a lot of homework on this vendor! }

  • HAMU (Hair and Make-up)                                                                                                 {If you have a very particular style/taste for your wedding day look (as you should!) then find the perfect artist and secure them personally for your wedding day}

  • Catering/Bar Service                                                                                                     {This task will require you to be present and hungry/thirsty! Have some fun with this,   make sure you will love your wedding day dinner and libations. Most caterers can serve multiple events simultaneously}

  • Florist                                                                                                                  {Forget 1800 any florist .com. Hire a professional, a local who specializes in weddings and events}  

  • Cake                                                                                                                                      {Oh ya, cake and desserts. A lot of bakeries can accommodate several weddings a day}

And in no particular order: {But usually 4-5 months prior to wedding)

  • Invitations/Printer
  • Favors
  • Officiant 
  • Transportation 
  • Rentals (linens, decor…)


Want to have the best wedding ever? Lets get you married. call us!

Cheers, Kendall Point


"This venue made for the best wedding
I could’ve dreamed of!"

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