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Fun Wedding Food Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

When it comes to wedding planning, the food is as central to the day’s success as the dress or the venue. That’s why it can be up to 40% of your total wedding budget.

But you’ve probably been to plenty of weddings in the past and you want yours to stand out for years to come. Gone are the days of standard chicken-or-fish options and your typical buffet or table service.

Instead, let’s look at some fun wedding food ideas you and your guests will love.

Extensive nacho bar at Kendall Point wedding venue

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Wedding Food Ideas We Love

When it comes to your wedding food, you can be as creative as you want and still offer something for every guest (vegan, vegetarian, kosher, etc.). And it’s not only about the food itself. These days, it’s all about the presentation!

Choosing your wedding menu is a daunting task, but a good wedding caterer will guide you along the way.

Interactive Food Stations

Take the buffet element a step further with interactive food stations, such as DIY taco bars or a sushi rolling station. Do your guests love savory and sweet? Have a custom crepe station!

Offer a variety of pastas and sauces so guests can choose for themselves. Burgers, pizza, salads—the options are limitless. Keep in mind that food stations might require more staff and therefore can be a bigger cost, so it’s best to have just one or two to keep things under control.

Go Global

If you and your partner love to travel and try cuisines from across the world, incorporate that in your wedding menu! If you’re planning a honeymoon in Thailand, have appetizers like lettuce wraps and spring rolls.

If your families originate from Germany, think about offering schnitzel or German meatballs.

Expanding your menu past the traditional meat and sides will really stand out in your guests’ memories.

But Keep It Local

2024 weddings and beyond are all about sustainability, and one of the best ways you can do that is to ensure your food will be in-season and locally sourced.

If you’re planning a fall wedding here in Texas, spinach, broccoli, apples, pears, and of course pumpkins are in season, so you’ll have no trouble making your salad and side options sustainable.

Bonus: locally sourced foods are easier on your budget!

Tin Can Custard food truck set up at Kendall Point

Late-Night Snacks

Having a late-night snack at your wedding is a recent trend that is only gaining steam. Think of it as a second cocktail hour because small handhelds are the way to go.

Some couples like to bring in a food truck or even get a fast food delivery as the night is winding down. After all, people need a boost of energy after all that dancing. It can also be a second dessert round of ice cream sandwiches or candy.

Whatever you choose, the late-night snack is all about keeping it simple. And remember, not all guests will still be hungry (and many might’ve left already) so you probably won’t need to order servings for every guest..

Get Nostalgic

Sometimes the best inspiration is a look back at the past. Did you and your partner have a memorable meal on your first date? Serving this at your wedding reception is a sweet (or savory!) way to honor your love story.

Perhaps you had a favorite meal or snack growing up. Simple options like popcorn or your favorite chips can be just what the crowd ordered.

Get personal with your wedding food to make the whole affair more personal and meaningful. And don’t worry about how it might look—your caterer will have plenty of ideas to elevate grilled cheese or chicken nuggets.

Unique Desserts

We love a gorgeous, multi-tiered wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean you have to. And that certainly doesn’t have to be all you offer.

Many couples these days are opting for a dummy cake, with just one small tier of real cake. The couple is able to use this cake for photos and offer more handheld options for the rest of their wedding desserts.

Cupcakes (regular and mini) and cookies can be easily decorated to match your wedding theme and personalities. Looking for something a bit more “off the wall?” A donut wall is always a guest favorite, as is an ice cream sundae station. Everyone knows about cake pops, so maybe you try marshmallow pops and a hot chocolate station—perfect for a cozy winter wedding!

Go for a Theme

If your wedding has a theme, don’t be afraid to lean into it with your food. As we just said, decorating desserts to match your theme (sports, pop culture, holidays) is an easy and obvious direction to go in. Besides, your guests won’t be upset to find pastel candies and Peeps at your Easter wedding!

You can also match your food to your color palette, which works beautifully if your theme and colors are inspired by your wedding season.

For a spring or summer wedding, go with brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and for fall and winter, think of cozy foods that will keep you warm.

Don’t Forget About the Bar

Right after the food, everyone always remembers the bar setup at a wedding. Go outside the box with a drink wall, specialty cocktails you and your partner inspire yourselves, and drinks that match the season.

Offering beer and wine flights or mix-your-own-cocktail stations (with instructions and supervision) will be something your guests will love as well.

The Perfect Wedding Food Needs a Perfect Wedding Venue

Having the best wedding food ideas isn’t enough. You need the perfect wedding venue to go with it.

Enter Kendall Point in Boerne, TX—just minutes from downtown San Antonio. We have the space and team ready to give you the wedding of your dreams. And we’ve got some of the best San Antonio wedding caterers on our preferred caterers list.

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