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Wedding Cocktails & Wedding Bar Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Once the ceremony is over, it is time to celebrate! And if you want to make sure your guests remember your wedding for years to come, make sure to provide the ultimate food and drink experience.

We’re talking more than just having an open bar at the reception, a fancy cocktail hour, or even having some fun signature cocktails (though we’re certainly not against that!). These days, your wedding bar can be so much more than that.

Read on for our best wedding bar ideas and the most popular wedding cocktails to make your reception extra special!

A drink menu with custom cocktails.

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Must-Have for Your Wedding Bar: Signature Cocktails

Wedding signature cocktails are a somewhat recent trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

After all, your wedding day is all about you, so why not reflect that in your drink offerings? Many couples choose at least one drink that represents them as a couple and reflects the theme of their wedding.

It adds an extra personal touch to the whole affair, and don’t be afraid to come up with a fun name for it too. You can also do his and hers signature cocktails to give everyone more options.

Choose some of your favorite ingredients, be inspired by your wedding location and color palette, create your signature drink sign, and talk to your bartenders about crafting the perfect signature cocktails!


Wedding bar with signature drinks printed on the front


Romantic Wedding Cocktails

Just like planning out your menu with your caterer, you’ll want to discuss your drink options with your bartending service. And don’t forget to discuss the presentation as well.

Perhaps ice cubes infused with citrus fruits for a pop of color?

Maybe you want to spend a little extra on elegant glassware and even edible flowers. Just be sure you’re following your venue’s policies.

Here are some of our favorite romantic wedding cocktails.

Love Potion No. 9


This lovely pink drink is the perfect wedding drink. It’s sweet and tangy and is sure to enchant your guests. You can go with strawberry or raspberry vodka plus cranberry juice to give a romantic spin on a Cosmopolitan.

There are a lot of ways to craft a love potion cocktail. Talk to your bartenders about their favorite!

Blushing Bride

If you’re a champagne fan, this is a great way to mix it up a bit for your big day. Champagne + peach schnapps + grenadine and you’re ready to party! Or you can go with sparkling rosé and elderflower!

Eternal Flame

That’s what we’re celebrating after all, isn’t it? This spicy sweet cocktail is perfect for Texas weddings all the way to Washington DC. Tequila and jalapeño slices complement lime and pomegranate to give it a sweet but fiery taste.

The Perfect Pear

Try this mimosa with a twist that’s as easy as it is tasty and refreshing! It’s the perfect drink to use for your champagne toast if you want to shake things up a bit as well. Prosecco + St. Germain + pear juice + cranberry juice.

Ginger Beer

If you want all of your guests to enjoy your wedding, don’t forget the guests who don’t drink alcohol. Ginger beer is an option (and can easily be made into a non-alcoholic mixed drink) that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. It’s also a nice option if children are invited to your wedding.

What’s In A Date?

Your wedding date and time plays a big part in your wedding cocktails as well. A spiked hot cocoa will go over very well for a fall wedding, an espresso martini for brunch receptions, while you want to stick to the cooler drinks for the summer weddings.

Remember, your bartenders will have the best knowledge about the most requested wedding cocktails, the must-have drink options, and more. Tell them what kind of atmosphere you want, what your wedding vibe is, and they’ll craft the perfect cocktail menu.

Wedding Bar Ideas to Rock Your Reception

Now that we’ve covered some fun wedding cocktails, let’s talk about the presentation. There’s more to it than a table in the corner of the room.

Your wedding bar can be part of your decór and it can certainly tie into your theme. After all, it’ll probably be one of the most popular locations during your reception.

Here are some fun wedding bar ideas for you to explore.

Drink Wall

This is an easy and elegant addition to any wedding reception and can be used at an indoor or outdoor wedding. Many couples love a champagne wall but you can use it to display whatever drinks you want!

Choose whatever backdrop you like—greenery, blank canvas, monogrammed canvas—and you can hang champagne flutes or drink glasses directly on the wall for guests to come and go as they please.

Arrange them in a fun pattern or in simple rows. Whatever fits your vibe! PS: It takes the pressure off the bar line.

Trailer Bar

Having a trailer bar is a unique way to make your bar stand out. Use a vintage, renovated trailer instead of the standard bar setup. It’s like a food truck but just for drinks!

This is the perfect way to serve only your signature cocktails if you want to have the rest of your bar menu featured elsewhere.

Craft Beer Bar

It doesn’t have to be all liquor. If you and your partner are craft beer fans, bring that to your wedding with a dedicated craft beer bar at the reception.

Curate a selection of your favorite craft beers and the best local craft beers and offer beer flights for your guests.

Whiskey & Bourbon Tasting Bar

Texans love this one. Forget all the bourbon cocktails, add-ins, and garnishes and go with something classic.

Your guests are sure to love this too, especially if you add information about each type of whiskey, flights, and tasting notes. Bonus: this works just as well with a wine bar! After all, we are located in beautiful Texas Hill Country among the vineyards.

Signature drink menu sign at wedding reception


Wedding Bar Tips

Our friends at Bartenders4You are the best wedding bartending service around and they have some tips for how to make your bar stand out.

For starters, display your bar menu loud and proud. That way people know what’s offered to them before they get to the front.

Next, don’t forget to dress up your bar to match your overall design. Take some flowers from the ceremony and place them on the sides of the bar. Add your names or a fun neon sign to the front of the bar.

And of course, don’t forget to leave out a tip jar for your hard-working bartenders. Or talk to your venue and wedding planner about the best way to handle this!

The best wedding bar tip of all? Buy your own alcohol! It’s a huge money saver. Just make sure your venue allows this. (Hint: Kendall Point does!)

Have Your Perfect Wedding at Kendall Point

At Kendall Point, we’re all about making your wedding dreams come true. From your dream ceremony to your signature cocktails to the perfect sendoff and everything in between.

We partner with Bartenders4You to provide the ultimate wedding bar experience for all of our couples, and the rest is entirely up to you. Tell them your favorite cocktails, your ideal bar setup, and they’ll handle the rest.

Our venue is a blank slate for you to customize to your heart’s desire, including indoor and outdoor locations for your bar.

So if you’re ready to have the perfect wedding, connect with us today to book your virtual or in-person tour.


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