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Wedding Planning

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

You’ve had your dream wedding in mind for years. You have this vision and also expectations of what your dream wedding will cost…or what you think a wedding will cost.

Then, bam! You are hit with proposals that bring you to your knees. But don’t give up on your perfect wedding just yet.

You can have a wedding on a budget, but you have to be flexible! And that’s where Kendall Point comes in. We compiled a few ways for you to set a wedding budget and save big on your big day.

Read on for wedding pro tips on how you can make your dream wedding an affordable wedding.   

Custom-built gazebo at Kendall Point.

Pick a Wedding Venue That Works For Your Budget

Of course, we think the venue you choose is the most important item on your wedding checklist.

One of the best ways to save money on your wedding venue is to have a wedding in the offseason or on a weekday. A Friday wedding is just as joyful and easy to plan as a Saturday wedding.

To stick to your wedding budget, you also need a venue that does the decorating for you and allows you to move your money around and spread your money around with out breaking the bank. A stunning and naturally gorgeous venue (like Kendall Point, duh) already offers built in beauty. No need to spend a ton on decorating!  

Venues that include chairs and tables for both your ceremony and reception and has backup plans in place for inclement weather will also help you cut costs down the road. Choosing a venue with great amenities is crucial when you’re on a tight wedding budget.

Lastly, choosing a venue that can host your ceremony and reception is crucial to having an affordable wedding. You don’t need to worry about transportation or separate deposits.

A wedding budget guide by Kendall Point in Boerne, Texas.

Give Yourself Time to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

After securing your venue, a crucial step in sticking to your wedding budget is not rushing your engagement. You’ll have a much easier time negotiating with your vendors and finding quality vendors that fit your budget when you’re not on a time crunch. 

When you’re short on time, your options are limited.

Save Money on Your Wedding Caterers

Along with your venue, the food at your wedding will be among the largest expenses. But there are ways to cut costs. 

Having buffet service instead of table service cuts down on the number of servers your caterer will need to staff. Choose lower cost options like pastas, chicken, and vegetables instead of steak and salmon. 

Kendall Point has a list of stellar San Antonio wedding caterers for you to choose from who will supply delicious food and presentation in a way that fits your wedding budget.

An elegant buffet of food, which can help you save money on your wedding catering budget

A Budget Wedding Means a Limited Guest List

Just because your venue has space for 400 guests (like Kendall Point) doesn’t mean you can’t still have an intimate wedding with a smaller guest list. The fewer people you invite to your wedding, the less you’ll spend on food, drinks, seating, invitations, and more. 

Fewer guests also means fewer wedding favors you have to buy or make yourself. 

And the smaller your bridal party, the less you’ll spend on hair and makeup when the big day arrives. 

Set a Wedding Budget for Your Flowers

Gorgeous wedding flowers are at the top of many brides’ list, but they don’t have to be super pricey. There are actually plenty of way to save money on your wedding flowers. 

Use more filler flowers in your arrangements to complement roses or lilies. Repurpose your ceremony flowers to be used in your reception. Use candles or other items for your centerpieces instead of flowers. Purchase wholesale flowers and make the arrangements yourself instead of using a florist. Choose flowers that will be in-season for your wedding location so you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Lastly, when your wedding venue is a stunning as Kendall Point, you won’t need too many flowers to enhance the beauty.

Candles in glass cannisters are perfect centerpieces for a budget wedding.

Floral Design by Blume Haus Events 

More Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

There are a million little things that go into planning your wedding, and you can find a way to save money on all of them. Go bargain shopping for your wedding dress, opt for a DJ instead of a live band, limit the hard liquor at your reception, make your own wedding cake, and more. 

Most important to having a budget wedding is to make a firm plan with your partner, set a realistic budget, and stay on top of it. And what should be included in that budget? Unexpected costs. Don’t forget about gratuities for your vendors on the day of, hair and makeup trials, last-minute dress cleaning, and more.

The staircase in the Kendall Point Grand Ballroom decorated with flowers from the ceremony.

Image by Dawn Elizabeth Studios and Floral Design by Evember 

Kendall Point Is the Perfect Venue for a Budget Wedding

When you have your wedding at Kendall Point, as we’ve said, the decoration is already built in. From the gorgeous views of Texas Hill Country to beautiful wildflowers, nature is your best décor.

You can have you ceremony and reception right here without missing a beat, and we’ve got stunning spots for an indoor or outdoor ceremony, with backup plans already in place for bad weather. 

Contact us today to schedule your venue tour and start planning your dream wedding. 


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