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Wedding Planning

What Is The Average Cost of a Wedding?

Planning a wedding is an exciting, albeit overwhelming, time. It’s filled with dreams coming true and decisions that end up creating the most memorable day of your life.

Understanding the average cost of a wedding is crucial for couples who are looking to stay within their wedding budget. At Kendall Point we make it possible for you to do that without compromising your vision.

Read on for information about average wedding cost, the wedding planning process, and some money saving tips to keep that price tag down.

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding?

The average cost of a wedding varies significantly based on location, season, and even the day of the week so unfortunately, there is no concrete answer.

Now before you get it in your mind to elope, there are a lot of things that factor into the total cost of a wedding. Rates can change based on:

Seasonal Variations

Time of year is an important factor when it comes to your big day. Peak wedding season traditionally spans from late spring to early fall, with prices being higher during this season. 

Opting for an off-peak season, such as summer, can be much more affordable. 

Day of The Week

The day of the week you choose for your wedding can also influence the overall cost. Saturdays, being the weekend, are the most sought after day and subsequently, the most expensive. 

If you’re flexible on the day, choosing a Friday or Sunday can reduce the venue cost. 

Time Of Your Ceremony and Reception

Venues are only paid when there is an event, so why not choose a less popular time for the occasion? 

While weddings are traditionally held in the evening, allowing your guests to dance into the night, choosing the morning hours may just get you those cost cutting perks you’re looking for. 

Major Cost Contributors

Weddings cost a lot of money. We all know that. But what are some common wedding expenses that begin to stretch that budget?

Engagement Rings

More and more couples are including the cost of their engagement rings in their wedding planning. Couples may choose to purchase an engagement ring after deciding to get married, or include it in the price due to discussing their marriage before the planning process. 

Depending on what you want, engagement rings can be very costly so factor that in if you’re wanting to keep within a budget for your wedding. 


Your venue is probably going to be one of the most expensive aspects of your wedding. That’s because you’re using the facility for many hours and in most cases, there will not be another wedding there that day.

A money saving tip is to choose a venue like Kendall Point that includes a wide variety of amenities. That way you don’t have to pay extra for tables, chairs, set up and cleanup, and rehearsal times. 

Check with your prospective venue to see what they include for optimal cost saving measures.

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When you think of a wedding, flowers are probably one of the things you think of first. Many brides want their wedding full of floral arrangements but are shocked when the quotes come in.

Don’t panic. 

First, it’s important to be flexible in what you want. If you’re looking for a rare Tahitian tropical flower in the dead of winter, well, let’s just say you’ll be paying a pretty penny.

Opt for in season flowers and local florists. Not only does this reduce the cost of your wedding, but in season flowers are fresh and at their most beautiful.

You can also repurpose floral arrangements throughout your wedding. Pick neutral pieces that make a statement and can easily be moved from your ceremony site to your reception site. Fill in gaps with greenery and candles to really make your decor stand out.


Depending on the size of your guest list, food can be a very expensive part of your wedding budget. Remember, not all weddings have to be a 4-course luxury meal. There are plenty of weddings that are able to budget by offering less traditional food.


Making It Work for You

At Kendall Point, we understand that every couple’s vision and budget are unique. While we aren’t really a wedding planning company, we have extensive experience and can make recommendations based on your budget. 

Here are some wedding saving tips we’ve gathered over the years.

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Start Early and Save Regularly

One of the most effective strategies is to start saving as early as possible. Once you have an idea of your overall budget, set up a dedicated wedding savings account and contribute to it regularly. 

Even small, consistent savings can add up over time, giving you a more substantial budget to work with when your wedding day approaches.

Prioritize Your Must-Haves

Sit down with your fiancé and come up with a list of non-negotiables for your special day. Is your venue the most important? The food? 

Keep in mind that your fiancé may have a different list than yours so what better way to work on your compromising skills?

Embrace Flexibility

As we mentioned above, flexibility can make or break your budget. Choosing an off-peak season or day can greatly impact the cost of your wedding. Also consider being flexible with your vendor choices. 

At Kendall Point, we pride ourselves on providing high quality vendor choices so you get the best no matter what.

Keep the Guest List in Check

While Kendall Point has enough space for 400 guests, it doesn’t mean you have to fill the room to the brim. 

Keeping your guest list in check can significantly reduce the amount you spend on your wedding. Intimate weddings are some of our favorites! Your budget weighs most heavily on your guest count. More guests, more money. If you want to control your budget, cut the guest list. 

The Cost Of A Wedding Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

We know that planning a wedding is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. 

When you choose a venue like Kendall Point, you become part of our family. We are happy to share cost-saving tips with you and also tell you about all the specials we have available. 

Call us today for more information on special rates and to get your dream wedding booked!


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