Best Wedding Venue in Texas

How to find the Best wedding venue | kendall point | Boerne, texas 

How you know you have found the one….the venue that is!  We’ve narrowed down some common must haves for today’s bride on looking for the Best Wedding Venue in Texas! 


Service & communication: Has the venue answered your emails/phone calls in a timely manner? Has the venue given you the attention you deserve during the interview/venue selection process? Do they give you the warm and fuzzies? Or do they give you the cold corporate chain feel? (Kendall Point isn’t a corporate chain, we are small town, home grown, treat you like family people, venue.)

Best Wedding Venue in Texas


Plan B: Can the venue hold your guest count with out any issues? Does the venue have a stunning Plan B (inclement weather) option? Can they execute that plan with a team/staff to make it easy, and free? Or are you responsible for moving tables and chairs on your wedding day? (Kendall Point does it all for you, we got your back. And we can hold 400 of your guests, but smaller weddings like 80 guests as well without the venue swallowing you).

Best Wedding Venue in Texas


Event Time: How many hours do you get the venue for? Is it a tricky situation? Can you really party until midnight at your venue, or shut down at 10:30 to be out by midnight? (KP is yours all day. One wedding per day. Only one property too, so no other weddings going on at the same time next door. No random strangers, no hotel guests, just you and your gang. Oh, and let’s party til’ midnight. We don’t shut down until midnight).

Best Wedding Venue in Texas


Do’s and Don’ts: Does the venue have any restrictions on décor, noise, alcohol or food? Be sure to ask the venue what the restrictions are and ask for a copy of the contract. (We don’t like glitter or confetti, but open to other ideas! Noise is fine, we are surrounded by our own property).

Best Wedding Venue in Texas


What is included: A/C, Heat, parking, restrooms, cleaning, trashcans, tables, chairs, etc. Is there damage deposit? Do you have to mop, or clean? (Kendall Point includes it all. We can crank down the air or turn up the heat. Up to you, and we will be here to make it happen, the entire time. Don’t worry about clean up, that’s on us too).

Best Wedding Venue in Texas


Dressing Rooms: Does the venue have a bridal suite and a groom’s suite to use all day? Does it have a lot of space? Do the rooms have games, a TV, private bathroom and shower? Does each room have a private balcony/porch easy access to outside? If not, are their hotels close by so you can have these things? (Oh ya we do. GORGEOUS brides suite, and grooms suite (the guys deserve fabulous too). TV’s, showers, games, private balcony’s, private entrances, all the goods. Make yourself at home, stay a while).

Best Wedding Venue in Texas



Vendors: Does the venue have in-house catering that you are required to use? Or does the venue have a list to choose from for more freedom? Can you bring in your alcohol? Using in-house vendors only will increase the cost of your wedding by THOUSANDS of dollars. (Nah, we have a list of 10 caterers for you to choose from (quality control). But you are in complete control of your budget, from BBQ to fancy lobster, it’s up to you, totally. We don’t have a liquor license—that means you can bring in your own alcohol as much as you want, any kind. WINNING).

Best Wedding Venue in Texas Pappasito’s Cantina 

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Cheers, Kendall Point