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Friday Weddings at Kendall Point

Friday Weddings at Kendall Point | Boerne, Texas


Planning a wedding on a non-Saturday | Weekday weddings | Why you should

We have always said, don’t fall in love with the date, fall in love with the venue. Thus, if the Saturday you wanted is booked, you can choose a Friday instead. FOR SO MANY REASONS. Friday weddings at Kendall Point are great, lets get to it.

FRIDAY Weddings at Kendall Point

My personal favorite day of the week.

  • Friday is pay day
  • Friday is Saturday’s cooler younger brother
  • Everyone wants to take off early on a Friday. You might as well be the reason they leave work early for! Boom!
  • Friday is typically way cheaper to rent a venue
  • Hotels are cheaper on non-Saturdays
  • Travel is cheaper on non-Saturdays
  • The wedding still lasts to the end, duh, everyone is off the next day, CHEERS!
  • A lot more vendor availability on a non-Saturday
  • Guests can make a weekend out of your wedding (there’s a lot to do here in Boerne!)
  • You can actually spend time with your guests on Saturday who traveled to see you get married!
  • Can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend



The reality is, as soon as you stop saying SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY and actually think about it, Friday weddings are awesome. All wedding days are awesome, but Fridays are normal, it is not taboo to have a Friday wedding! The cost savings alone with your venue will allow you more flexibility with your budget and splurge on more food or flowers or booze! Think about it, you are giving your guests SO MUCH notice for the wedding, they can make plans with all that notice! Don’t stress about what others prefer, guests are honored to be included no matter what day of the week you choose.

Can you tell which wedding is a Friday?

Didn’t think so!

An excited bride tosses her bouquet.

Dawn Elizabeth Studios

A bride arranges her veil and dress on the porch at Kendall Point.

Jessica Chole Photography

A bride sits in the clawfoot tub in the Kendall Point bridal suite.Snap Chic

A groom pumps his fist during his reception.

Dawn Elizabeth Studios

A bride stands next to the clawfoot tub in the bridal suite.An outdoor wedding ceremony at Kendall Point.

Dawn Elizabeth Studios

A bride standing on Kendall Point's wrap around porch.

Pine and Blossom

An aerial photo of a bride and groom's first dance in the ballroom.

Allison Jeffers Photography



"This venue made for the best wedding
I could’ve dreamed of!"

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