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Wedding Attire

Caring for Your Wedding Dress

You’ve found it! You’ve found the One!

Your wedding dress!

Congratulations! This is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning—saying yes to THE dress. And now that you’ve done that, you better believe you can’t just hang it up in your closet until the big day and expect it to be perfectly fine.

Wedding dresses are made with heavy, delicate fabrics and usually have intricate details everywhere you look, so it’s important that you store and maintain your dress properly before your wedding day.

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Read on for our tips on caring for your wedding dress so you look absolutely stunning walking down the aisle.

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Transporting Your Wedding Dress

Transporting your dress properly is one of the biggest keys when it comes to keeping your gown looking stellar.

For starters, you want to do your best to limit the number of times you need to transport your wedding dress. Do your fittings at the same boutique where you buy your gown if possible to limit the number of trips.

When you travel with your wedding dress, always take every precaution to keep it safe and clean. Always use a garment bag and always allot for plenty of space. Laying your gown flat in the backseat of a car will help prevent wrinkles, and if you’re flying with your dress, do not put it in your checked luggage. Bring your garment bag as a carry-on and ask your flight attendants to hang it for you during the flight.

Here are some more tips for when you’re traveling with your wedding dress:

  • Secure your train by carefully folding it into your garment bag.
  • Forego the plastic in favor of a breathable garment bag that is specifically designed for wedding dresses. Plastic can trap moisture.
  • Wrinkles will happen and that’s OK! Make sure your wedding venue has a steamer or bring one yourself for final touches.
  • Don’t let the dress out of your sight. No shipping, no checked baggage.

Your boutique or wedding dress designer can also provide helpful tips when it comes to transporting your specific dress. Remember, don’t take any chances. This is the centerpiece of the wedding we’re talking about!

Wedding gown hanging in Kendall Point bridal suite.

Storing Your Wedding Dress At Home

Once all of your alterations are done, you’ll likely be keeping your dress at home for a little while before the big day arrives. This is where many people run into problems.

How you store your wedding dress depends mostly on the style and material of the dress. For example, heavier dresses shouldn’t be hung, but rather kept flat. A more simple, sheath dress can be hung in your closet.

However, there are some basic rules for storing your wedding dress that all brides should follow, no matter the style.

Clean it before you store it.

Make sure you use a professional cleaner with experience handling wedding dresses. Cleaning removes any dirt or oils that may have come from fittings or transportation. Chances are, your seamstress can do this or has a quality referral for you.

Again, no plastic.

They trap moisture, remember? This can lead to mildew on your dress if kept in a plastic bag for too long.
Acid-free tissue paper and boxes. If you have a heavier gown, you’ll want to fold it gently and naturally to avoid any creases. An acid-free box will prevent yellowing or discoloration and acid-free tissue paper can help preserve the shape of the bodice.

Use a sturdy, padded hanger.

Even if your dress is lightweight enough to be hung, don’t just throw it on the closest hanger. A padded hanger relieves stress on the garment and allows it to hang naturally.

No crowding!

Again, this is your wedding dress we’re talking about, so give it some space.

Don’t forget about it.

Your dress needs to breathe every once in a while, so don’t just leave it hanging in your closet or stored in a box for months on end. Don’t mess with it too much each time you check on it, but check on it to make sure everything is OK and let it out of its storage every now and then (with clean hands!).

Overarching rules for wedding dress storage also include no direct sunlight and a temperature controlled room. If you follow these suggestions, your dress will look incredible when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

Kendall Point bride posing on veranda.


Keeping Your Wedding Dress Clean

For any major cleanings, you’ll want to take your wedding dress to a professional cleaner who is experienced in wedding dresses. Fortunately, many local cleaners are well-equipped to handle this.

But there might be some small hiccups along the way that you need to handle yourself to keep your wedding dress clean.

If it’s before the big day, the best way to keep your dress clean is to store it properly and always handle it with clean, dry hands—no lotions or oils.

If you do notice any small stains, you can actually clean many wedding dresses with basic stain removers and laundry detergents. White vinegar and baking soda is also a great option.

For spot cleaning, place paper towels between the layers to ensure the cleaning product or stain isn’t soaking through and use a toothbrush to gently scrub the stain.

To rinse your dress, fill your bathtub with warm water and gently swish the dress around to remove any detergent. You may need to repeat this process a few times. Hang your dress to dry and then grab your steamer to release any wrinkle before putting it back into proper storage.

As for cleaning your dress after the wedding, make sure you do this right away. So if you’re leaving for your honeymoon right after the cake is cut, choose a trustworthy friend or family member to handle the cleaning process.

Another tip for keeping your wedding dress clean at your wedding—opt for a separate reception dress!

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Wedding Dress Preservation

How is wedding dress preservation different from wedding dress storage? Well, storage can be in the months leading up to your wedding. Preservation on the other hand is long-term storage after your wedding.

Maybe you want to save this dress for a daughter or another family member down the road or you just want to cherish the memories.

Wedding dress preservation is a specialized process that maintains your gown’s condition and appearance over time. It prevents yellowing or discoloration, fabric deterioration, and other damage.

Proper cleaning and inspection of the dress for loose threads is important before long-term storage, but the most crucial element in the preservation process is the box you store it in.

It’s important to use a specially made archival box or container that will protect against dust, light, humidity, and more. The box is also sealed to prevent any external elements getting in and then stored in a dark, dry, cool place. So, under a bed, the top shelf of a closet, or anywhere it won’t be disturbed. No attics or garages where the temperature isn’t controlled.

Note: Once the box is sealed, don’t open it until you’re ready to use the dress again. If the seal is broken, begin the whole preservation process again.

To avoid temptations of checking on your dress a year later or worrying about its condition, work with a wedding dress preservation specialist who can help you throughout the process to ensure your dress will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

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