November to Remember

Here we are! November 2014!

Kendall Plantation celebrated its 3rd birthday this month! Can you believe it has been 3 years?! What a joy and blessing this has been. I have witnessed over 300 weddings and events and loved every second of it. People often ask if I am tired of it yet…..NO. I am not tired of it yet, and not even close to tired of it. I love weddings! The most incredible feeling in the world is standing right behind my bride (you’ve seen the photos on Instagram) before she walks down the aisle. They have no idea how much their life is about to change for ever. I can’t imagine the thoughts in their head as they are about to embark on their most important journey in life. And for the groom, patiently and eagerly waiting for his bride at the gazebo….OH MY! I love it! So sweet, and so innocent. Nothing else matters, no one else exists at that point. As soon as those double french doors open wide, it is direct and constant eye contact with bride and groom. She can’t wait for him to see her, and he can’t wait to see her. Ughhhh! So awesome! How could you get tired of that?!

I realize the last blog was February…oops! We have done some wonderful things at KP since then! New ramp onto the golf cart path, new and grand and gorgeous stone column fence and gates, lots of new landscaping, and major upgrades in bride and grooms room! Can’t wait for you to see it if you haven’t already!

Check out our new website too! We updated our preferred vendors list (stick to it!) and added more photos. Trying to reach 500 followers on Pinterest….can you guys help me with that?! Follow me at kendallboerne. Also joined Instagram (where I take the famous bride and dad shot), you can follow us there too!

In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, here are a couple shots of some summer weddings! Enjoy!


Country Sugar


Blume Haus Floral


Sweet August Events





DPC Event Services



Blume Haus Floral

Four Seasons of Wedding Showcase


Kendall Plantation
proudly presents

Four Seasons of  Wedding

South Texas’ Finest Wedding Show!
Thursday, October 30, 2014
5:00 pm-9:00 PM
at Kendall Plantation, Boerne TX

Top Design Teams with supportingcasts will create the
“Four Seasons of Wedding”

No Admission Cost | No Tickets Needed

Warm weather coming…I hope!

Welcome to Kendall Plantation’s blog, thank you for visiting and keeping up with me!

December-February has been AMAZING. I did enough begging and pleading for good weather on the weekends…and it worked! Weekdays were filled with yucky freezing weather and all the nasty rain to go with it…but by Friday, the weather always seemed to clear up and be perfect. I have always said winter brides get the best sunsets, and it is so true. The pink and orange fire sky displayed itself flawlessly. (pictures below)
Now that we are wrapping up winter (I hope) March kicks of this weekend with many promising floral blooms. Roses are sprouting, wildflowers are popping up already, and the trees are turning a gorgeous lime green. We are currently going through some major upgrades in the brides suite, and our website. I can’t wait to share with you all the new things to come…it’s pretty cool.

For those of you who made it to our open house, you know how amazing it was. For those of you who didn’t come I have added pictures below to show you how super cool it was. Most of our favorite vendors came out to share all their services, and we even had some new ones come out. We had just about 150 people at the open house (WOWZERS) and I couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Don’t forget to use me as much as you can for any questions or concerns you have. I have 300 weddings under my belt and I am happy to help you any way I can 🙂  Use me!

As always, I am happy to provide my vendors list to help you choose the right vendors for your wedding, we did our homework so you don’t have to!

Have a great weekend, looking forward to the spring!


Open House @ Kendall Plantation

Eat. Drink. Be Married.

Thursday, Frebruary 20th, 2014
5:00 – 8:00 PM

Presented by Haute Weddings and vendors we love!

Kendall Plantation along with Haute Weddings have put together the most anticipated open house of the year! Join us for delicious food, drinks, and fresh ideas for your wedding! Lots of prizes, games, and a few surprises…..You don’t want to miss this.



Merry Christmas from Kendall Plantation!

Yes…don’t remind me it has been over 5 months since my last blog!!! We have been busy at KP making it beautiful and connecting with beautiful brides! Since we last spoke in July, we hosted MISSION Wedding; a huge hosted wedding valued at over $60,000. Vendors in and around San Antonio so kindly donated their services for a military couple to have the wedding of their dreams. Kendall Plantation and Haute Weddings took applications earlier in the year for a chance to win this once in a lifetime dream wedding. After much thought and interviewing, we chose a couple that could not have been more perfect and deserving for this occasion. Their story is unique and special and we congratulated them and thanked them for their service to our country by hosting a dream wedding for them and 150 of their friends and family. The wedding was stunning and we pulled out all the stops at this wedding! From invitations, to fireworks everything was donated for this beautiful couple to enjoy. We had so much support from this that we decided to do it again this year. With the website up and vendors all lined up, we accepted the first application today via MISSION Wedding’s website. Check it out! 
 After Mission Wedding, we dried all our tears from happiness of that special day and transformed the mood into a party place for The Knot to have their annual Knot Party….it was so COOL!!!! It was great to have all vendors in one place to socialize and network with each other in a non-wedding environment! One thing is for sure, San Antonio has some great vendors who really love their brides. We are so happy to be a part of it.  We summed up August weddings that included a helicopter landing as a get-a-way, several fireworks displays, and we even made it snow inside! I love my job! 
Then came September…and a baby! Kendall Plantation welcomed our newest addition Ms. Charlee Janelle Voss. Weighing in at 6 pounds 12 ounces and 21 inches long, we are so blessed with this little GIRL and could not be more happy! 
October and November flew by and we had lovely fall indoor and outdoor weddings at KP. We decided to get in the cheery mood and add Christmas lights to all the columns outside and the trees by the Gazebo. I think we may do this every year as it looks great in pictures! The charming white light adds romance and a warm feeling that you just can’t get any where else. I think November/December might be my new favorite time of the year at Kendall Plantation. 
So, I wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. The Kendall Plantation family can not explain how much we love what we do, and we love working hard for our brides. Christmas is the best time of the year and we want to share our Christmas wishes with you. We will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but will return Wednesday. 
Merry Christmas, 
Kendall Plantation

Vendors we love…love you too.

2 Reasons:

1. KP knows what you are getting when you hire any of our recommended vendors. 

2. KP does not know what you are getting when you hire your own.

Let me expand on these two reasons why you should not hire a caterer outside our recommend list!! We are happy to let you choose your own caterer…after all…it is your wedding, but, let me tell you how important it is to have a caterer that knows what they are doing and genuinely cares about the turnout of your event. I included just a couple of photos that are frightening and clearly prove the lack of professionalism and care towards a wedding. I know how much you are paying us, your dj, planner, flowers, cake people, dress, invitations, decorations…OMG the list goes on and on…so why would you put all this effort into planning the perfect wedding that represents you and let it go with a caterer who shows up late, has dirty dishes, doesn’t cover the tables, doesn’t have enough staff, food was cold, etc.
Did I lay that on thick enough? Kendall Plantation goes to all lengths to make sure all your vendors know what to expect and do on your wedding day. It seems that everything falls back on the caterer, and when it is their turn to preform, it is already too late to change them. So, in effort to help you, we are offering an amazing deal. If you choose at least 6 vendors from our vendors we love list (one of them being the catering) we will give you a free sparkler send off and $50 off your contract for each vendor you book from our list. How doest that sound? Too good to pass up!!!
Merry Christmas,
Kendall Plantation


Happy October,

This year has been amazing! Great brides, great families, and perfect weddings….right?!
So you want the perfect wedding? Here is my thoughts on that, (in case you want to know).

1. Book your wedding at Kendall Plantation
2. Start hiring vendors from the Vendors We Love list provided for you
3. Don’t count on Friends and Family to help you for day of planning
4. Ask KP about any vendor you are unsure of, we have the scoop on most of them

After the first step,the 3 steps following may seem a little harsh. But I can not stress enough that choosing vendors that are familiar with KP, and policies will make your life and more importantly YOUR WEDDING perfect or as close to perfect as possible. With out the relationship KP has with the vendors we love, there is no guarantee that they will be here on time, prepared and fully understanding of the importance of your wedding. It took over 100 weddings to develop a list of vendors that I trust enough to put on a list with our stamp of approval. These vendors proved time and time again that they are here to stay, professional, hard workers, and genuinely care about each bride they have. I did my homework so you don’t have to! The vendors we love have a wide budget range.
Before you book with a wedding planner who has never worked here, a DJ who you found on craigslist, or a caterer who has no experience but offered you steak shrimp for $5.99…..lets get real.
I provide the list to you so that you can have with out a doubt the best experience for your big day. We want your guests to feel at home at KP, with the best entertainment, the best service for food, and a wedding planner that knows this place like the back of their hand and can turn water in to wine…okay…maybe not. But you get me?!
***Brides, I care about you, I love you, I want you to have a good day, I want your family to have a good day. If you are going to spend all this $$$ on your most important day, do it right (doesn’t mean it has to be expensive either!!) And trust when I tell you that the preferred vendors are the way to go.  “But wait… I thought you allow any vendors to come into KP”?? Ah, yes we do. And we are always happy to open the doors to any business to come here, but the last thing you want to do is babysit on your wedding day because none of your vendors get along, or maybe they are not familiar with the site, or weddings at all (yikes, but I have seen it).

Wow! Too much information? Did the previous statements make you feel like you were being yelled at?!!! LOL, I (Kristin) am here for you to answer any questions you have with any vendors, use me!! I love weddings, I love my brides, and I love it when brides are happy happy happy on their wedding day with no regrets of choosing the wrong vendors.

Enough blogging for today, I am making an early resolution to blog at least every other week…. 😉
Kristin Voss
Kendall Plantation

Sweet Sweet Summer Time!

I know everyone is tired of the heat already and begging for some relief! It’s Texas ya’ll! Lets embrace the heat! What better way then having a wedding outside!!!! But seriously, If you are planning a summer wedding (starting in April-October in Texas) then consider special timing of your event. Our grass is shaded at the most careful time of day (yes this was thought out during the building and planning process). We suggest a 6:00-6:30 ceremony time starting in May, once we get to June-September we suggest 6:30. Lets face it, we know in July the sun is out until 9:00pm and chances are it will still be well into the upper 90’s (if you’re lucky), so there is plenty of daylight and the best (coolest) daylight at 7:00; prime time photo time! If you must have a 4:30 ceremony time in July, consider doing an indoor ceremony, tenting the grass, or renting several port-o-cools for the ceremony area.
Other ideas include having a pre-cocktail hour for your guests to grab a cool beverage before the ceremony starts on the lawn.  It was 102 on Saturday for our bride and luckily she had the most brilliant idea of adult snow cones down on the lawn for her guests to enjoy before and during the ceremony. It was perfect! Our wrap around porches really allow your guests to ‘chill’ out after the ceremony and they seem to enjoy it underneath the ceiling fans and shade. Having a bar outside is ideal at KP, we find people make their way out at some point and take in all the photo-ops and views while enjoying an ice cold beverage.

Okay, enough about the heat. I have posted some pictures of past weddings (one this weekend) that were stunning. This was the first time we had Don Strange Catering out at KP. I pray it is not the last….their food and service was outstanding. I am totally blown away by their hospitality and professionalism. Each staff member walked around with a smile on their face, shoulders back, confident and quick to get you what ever you needed. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for a caterer. This weekends wedding was hosted by Tina Humphrey of Diamonds and Dreams….this lady is awesome!!! If you are looking for a wedding planner (and you should be) give her a call. Wedding planners seriously make the difference. I know everyone thinks they can do it on their own…( I am one of them) but they make or break it for weddings. I have seen and worked the weddings with out planners and its a huge difference. Each wedding is successful at KP because we would do anything to make it perfect. But a wedding planner really has an eye and feel for weddings. Leave it to the professionals…(not grandma, mom and sister). Let the family enjoy the day too and give them off. Don’t worry them with lighting candles, packing bags, making timelines, straightening chairs, confirming vendors, fixing broken buttons and starting the music on time….GET A WEDDING PLANNER!!!! Compare services with each planner and see what they do and don’t do. Get to know each other and interview different ones until you find the one you click with. There are a bunch a good ones out there 🙂 We have worked with the best so far and are happy to recommend them!

As we close out the month, July was good to us, and we can’t wait for August. MISSION-Wedding is in a few short weeks, and we seriously can not wait to celebrate. Kendall Plantation will also be hosting an industry party for The Knot Magazine. We are truly blessed and excited to have been chosen to host this event. We have added new life to the landscaping, rose bushes in the front are still blooming and look awesome, and the new trees we planted last month are fitting in just perfect. Finally, I will be adding a 2nd baby to our family in September (if I make it!) so, keep in mind, your wedding is very important to me and I want it to be nothing less than perfect. I will make a Facebook announcement when he/she arrives (we didn’t find out), but will be just a phone call or email/text message away. I did it before with baby #1 and I will do it again with baby #2 !!! Thank you for following us on our blog and Facebook page. Thanks for being a part of our Kendall Plantation family, cheers,
Kristin Voss

Images By Rebekah


Caitlins Creations

Happenings at KP!

Hello Brides!

It has been too long since our last blog but thank you for keeping up with us!
–A quick thank you– I would say we are full swing into our summer weddings. Spring has come and gone and left us with many wonderful memories and stories to share!  We started the 2012 spring weddings with brides who booked with us way back during the blue print days! Many of our brides contacted me through our website looking for the perfect venue for their big day. At the consultations and “tours” I would bring my blue prints of the building and lay them down on the back of my truck for the bride and family to go over with me. All they had to go off was an idea and rough sketch of the building. As I reflect back to those days, I can’t imagine what was going through the head of some of the dads writing checks to me just hoping this building would be what their little girls dreamed of. I answered as many questions as I could for them about what the building would look like, what paint colors, what kind of landscaping, down to how many bathroom stalls we would have. Knowing these brides were taking a huge gamble on us, I tried to paint the picture as best I could by printing out pictures and magazine clippings of chandeliers, door styles, floor options etc. I was as new to this as they were…and they trusted me. I hold each one of my brides so close to my heart and walked away with friendship with many of them because we got to know each other so well in the process of building and planning a wedding. I admit, I was scared, and anxious as the building kept getting further and further along hoping that the brides who only saw a blue print would be happy and match what they had pictured in their head. But at the end of the day, each bride was overwhelmed with happiness. I can not explain the feeling of a father giving me a hug saying ‘thank you’ or tearing up as he says “it’s better than I could ever dream”. I really have the best job in the world! I want to solute all the spring brides who came on board with me when all we had was a blue print, and thank you for trusting in Kendall Plantation for the most special day in your life.

Okay! (drying of tears) Back to what is going on these days!

*We will be adding 2 additional trees on the front side of the building near the corner of the porch. This side of the building sees a lot of sunshine in the afternoon and we want your guests to be more comfortable during cocktail hour with extra shade!

*Natural grass coming back! With the recent rains (huge blessing) natural grass is on the rise around the area filling in some of those ‘blank’ spots creating a real Texas hill country feeling.

*A new layer of rocks will be added on the back side of the building along the stairs, this will add new definition and texture for some draw dropping photo back drops. (really excited about this!)

*Web camera huge hit and guests are loving it!

*Fall 2013 dates filling quickly

*’Winter Special’ for month of January

*MISSION Wedding to take place this August; we had an overwhelming response of letters come in spilling their life stories to us and telling us about their trials serving for our country. Vendors have been bending over backwards to make this wedding a real dream come true for our winners Shawn and Carmen. (can’t wait for this!!)

*Realizing importance of wedding planners! Wedding planners can save the day and your sanity when it comes to wedding day! We strongly suggest hiring a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER! KP has had the honor to work with several great planners and is happy to suggest some to you 🙂

*Worried about the heat? Our over sized wrap around porches have ceiling fans every 10 feet; this his extremely helpful, but when it’s hot…it’s hot… consider purchasing bottled water for your guests to grab during the ceremony or just after so they can cool down! KP is always willing to pre-ice down your drinks for you!

*Linens and things-KP is now offering a full line of colored linens, napkins, chargers, sashes, and overlays! Come see our linen books to get the perfect color for your theme!

I think I covered the basics, I will keep up more often with the blog (promise); please keep checking our website for specials and our Facebook page for updated photos! Thank you again new and old brides for choosing Kendall Plantation for your wedding day. We are honored to host your wedding and we look forward to it!

-Kristin, Kendall Plantation

 New Stairs!

 New life for Oak Tree

What is there to drink?!


So you have booked your venue, caterer, photographer and everything wedding…now you have to find out who your bartender is and what you want to serve. Do you use the caterers bar tending service? Do you ask a friend?

When I go to a wedding, after the ceremony I find people are searching for the bar…where are the drinks…what is there to drink??? It really is one of the most important selections you can make for your wedding reception. By all means, I am not a wedding expert (yet!) but, I have been to tons of weddings, and hosted 4 at the Plantation so far! In the 3 out of 4 the Plantation has hosted (and several more in the future) brides have chosen the same bartender, Bartenders4You. Not only is Bartenders4You one of the most popular bar services in San Antonio, they are at the top of my list too! For one, Jennifer (the owner) is the most genuine person you will ever meet! Her willingness to tailor each drink menu for each wedding is really what sets them apart from the rest. Did I mention they have the BEST margaritas in town…seriously…when you order her margaritas you get all these extra flavors to add to your drink, the bartender will make it how you like it. For the record, the Pumpkin flavor is amazing! Future Kendall brides are so happy when they tell me what their signature drinks are, and what they are serving at their wedding. And they are always surprised when they find out a full bar is cheaper to do than beer and wine…can you believe that?! Who knew you could have a full bar cheaper than beer and wine?! Not only will Jennifer customize your drink menu, the girl will go shopping for you and take all the stress out of it!! So, when you are out there trying to find a bartender, search no more and go directly to Bartenders4You! They always deliver more than what you ask for with a professional and caring attitude. Cheers! -Kendall Plantation