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Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Trends for 2024

When planning a wedding, every bride needs a little inspiration now and then. So even if you hate following the pack, keeping up with the latest wedding trends can make your life much easier.

In 2023, we’ve seen an explosion of color, fewer bridesmaids all wearing the exact same dress, and many brides go for that quiet luxury look as opposed to extravagance at every turn.

So if you’re a 2024 bride (or planning to be one) or a late 2023 bride still looking for some guidance, check out the 2024 wedding trends on the horizon.

A tall and bright centerpiece of purple, orange and green flowers makes the perfect summer wedding accent.

Sustainability Is the No. 1 2024 Wedding Trend

Sustainability is absolutely the name of the game when it comes to all things weddings in 2024.

Environmental consciousness is at the top of many people’s minds, and when couples discovered it could actually save them some money too, it became even more attractive.

Choosing local and in-season florals and foods is good for the environment, your wedding budget, and your wedding overall because everything will be fresher and tastier.

When designing your invitations, go with recycled paper and digital save the dates. Couples are also looking for ways to donate their décor after the big day, rent previously used items, and use as few disposable items as possible.

Finally, having your wedding ceremony and reception in one place is more eco-friendly than you think. Think of all that travel you’re eliminating. Especially if you also look for a shuttle service that can ferry your guests from the hotel to your wedding venue.

wedding gown and neutral bridesmaids dresses hanging on wall hooks


2024 Wedding Dress Trends

We’ve said it plenty of times—the wedding dress is a major focal point of the whole day, and that’s why so much thought goes into it.

So when it comes to the wedding gown, 2024 brides are opting for multiple looks with their wedding dress. This can mean a separate top and skirt, a jacket, or detachable skirts or sleeves that give you a whole new look for the reception.

Many brides are opting for mix-and-match pieces so they can truly make their look unique to them. This also applies when repurposing a family heirloom wedding gown to fit your big day.

Minimalism is also on the rise as brides opt for the more subtle, comfortable look with less emphasis on heavy beading or voluminous skirts. And don’t worry, reception dresses aren’t going anywhere either.

In the end, make sure your wedding gown is exactly what you want it to be, on trend or not.

Speaking of dresses: the trend of mismatched bridesmaids dresses isn’t going anywhere. Bridesmaids all wearing dresses with the same color and material but in different cuts that accentuate each one’s figure appropriately is always a great look.

We’re also seeing more and more bridesmaids wearing multiple shades, and it adds a bit more depth to your wedding photos.

Kendall Point gazebo with red, pink, and white roses.

2024 Wedding Colors

We’re calling it: 2024 weddings will be all about bold, beautiful colors.

Pinks and reds are always popular wedding colors, especially dusty rose, blush, and burgundy. Green is another color on the rise, especially sage and moss, because their understated tones are versatile and work beautifully if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

When it comes to the season, lighter colors are still on trend for summer and spring, while darker, bolder colors are popular in winter and fall.

In 2024, we’ll see a lot more vivid colors in the wedding decorations as well. Bright and beautiful wedding flowers, colorful table linens instead of basic white, and elaborate signage are all on the rise.

Many couples are also opting for more ornate wedding aisle décor, such as floral arrangements along the rows (that can be repurposed as centerpieces during the reception!), lanterns, potted plants, and even aisle runners.

Anything that will make your wedding stand out and be unique to you is the trend for 2024.

Margarita wall at a wedding

More 2024 Wedding Trends We Love

More couples are putting increased effort into their wedding bar and cocktails, and we love it!

Champagne or cocktail walls are not only useful, they’re a gorgeous piece of decoration. Speciality bars, like using a renovated trailer or offering craft beer flights, are also on the rise and a great way for couples to show off their individuality.

Sticking with fun food and drink ideas, we love a couple who brings in a food truck or midnight snack toward the end of their reception (and guests love it too).

Finally, wedding photos aren’t going anywhere, but wedding videos are becoming more and more prominent in a variety of ways. Not just having a wedding videographer but also having video or audio guestbooks.

Classic photo booths are on the way out and new, digital photo booth options that allow your guests to record a video, instantly share gifs, add emojis, and print a few pictures are definitely in.

Have Your 2024 Wedding at Kendall Point

The one wedding trend that will never go out of style is picking the perfect venue.

Kendall Point is a blank canvas, ready to be decorated with whatever trend fits your style best. Plus we work with some of the best San Antonio wedding vendors in the business, who are all ready to bring your wedding vision to life.

Not to mention, we’re fully set up for indoor and outdoor festivities, and we can customize your big day with amenities like a custom dance floor, fairy lights, fireworks, and more!

Contact us today to schedule an in-person or virtual tour.


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