best day ever…on a budget! (How to)

So. You have this dream, you have this vision, and expectations of what a wedding will cost,…or what you think a wedding will cost. Then, bam, you are hit with proposals that bring you to your knees. That’s okay. Get up. Dust yourself off. You can plan a wedding on a budget, but you have to be flexible! We got you! Take a look at our info graphic below (photo and link to share!) We compiled just a few ways to save huge on your big day.

Of course, we think the venue is the most important must have for your wedding. Change our mind! Find a venue that does the decorating for you, it allows you to move your money around and spread your money around with out breaking the bank. A stunning and naturally gorgeous venue (like KP, duh) already offers built in beauty. No need to spend a ton on decorating! More questions? Give us a call, we can help! 

Best Day Ever. On a budget!


Insert less things <– here!

Or , use the floral from the ceremony to transfer to the grand stair case. A few pops of love on the stairs + a few candles. Done!

Less floral centerpieces that offer the same amount of stunning glam. Mix it up, fresh floral on some tables, and glowing candles on the others.

Our ceremony spaces requires zero decoration! But you can always opt for small tie-backs on the gazebo, and then re-use them inside!

Planning a wedding in less than 12 months!

Planning a wedding less than 12 months!

 Can you plan a wedding in less than 12 months? 9 months? 6 months? HELL YES YOU CAN. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, they are just jealous because they booked their wedding 20 months from now, are done planning, and now they have to wait….for 20 months.

Side note: I booked my wedding venue in May, and was married the same year, in September. Listen, it can be done, easily. No need to freak out!  When you find a gem of a venue, like Kendall Point, everything is so easy. Just trust the process!

BE FLEXIBLE: Don’t fall in love with the date, fall in love with the venue (link to another fabulous blog you need to read). Seriously, are we still talking about being scared to have a wedding on a Friday or Sunday because it’s an inconvenience? To who? Your guests? Pppsshhhh, they will come. Seriously “if you build it, they will come”, same applies for weddings. If you feed them, and booze them, they will come. STOP with the non-Saturday wedding thing, a Friday or a Sunday is the same thing yall. It’s not like you are asking for their first-born child, you are asking them to take a day off. Sometimes, only taking a half of a day off. Trust me, everyone looks for an excuse to take a day off. AND, if they miss the ceremony, they sure as heck won’t miss the party with free food and alcohol!                

TRUST THE PROCESS! Scout our vendors list. We did our homework already, trust us, these vendors are top notch. Our vendors list was created to make your wedding planning easier. Nothing else, no kickbacks, no side deals, just great recommendations.


HIRE A PLANNER! Hire a planner, hire a planner, hire a planner. Correction hire a professional Like one who plans weddings for a living. In a perfect world, you would hire a planner that Kendall Point recommends. Why? Because they have worked at KP before. The know KP, they know the rules, they know their way around. The know the contract, the rules, what they can get away with, and what they can’t get away with. They will have all the answers to your questions, they won’t have to guess. They know the floor plans, they know the best timelines, they know the best photo spots, they know it all. Set yourselves up for success by hiring a planner, or month of planner who can help arrange your planning documents, to-do list, and recommend vendors. Even if you’re taking care of most of the specifics on your own, knowing there’s a pro you can turn to will ease a lot of pressure and keep you moving along at a good pace.

After you have booked the venue and hired a planner, things will all fall in to place.

  • We would suggest finding a photographer next, followed by the perfect DJ.
  • Catering and bartenders are not as pressing to book, most have several crews and allow for multiple events per day.
  • Invitations, no problem. Invites go out about 6 weeks before the wedding. Head over to see our friends at The Girl General, their team can help you whip up th perfect invitations, save dates, and any favors you might want to add in!
  • The Dress? No problem! Our friends over at Olivia Grace Bridal have an amazing selection of gowns that can be in your hands in 6 months or less.
  • Flowers! Most florist can take on more than one event per day. Plan to hire your florist about 3 months before the big day!
  • Bartenders (everyone’s favorite topic, am I right?!) Bartenders4U provides on the phone, in person, or email consultations, making it as easy as possible for you! Although we suggest getting in the door to taste their fabulous margaritas, everything can be done on the phone/email. Might I suggest the Habanero Lime flavor…the best!



Book your key players first

Crunch numbers

Be decisive

Stay Organized

Focus on the big picture

Cheers, Kristin Voss



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Luxury Lighting Package @ Kendall Point

  • Book 2, save $ 75

  • Book 3, save $ 150


Fairy Lights (Outside) $750

-Most popular choice by brides!


Fairy Lights (Inside) $750


Market Lights (Outside) $550


Market Lights (Inside) $550

Up-Lighting $250 (16- LED)

LED, we can do just about any color you wish!


Gobo Lighting $375

Custom Patterns, hundreds to choose from!

Luxury Upgrades @ Kendall Point

Farm Tables $150 each 

  • 96 X 40 X 30
  • Each farm table can accommodate 8-10 guest
  • Solid Pine

Many Brides and Grooms choose to use the mixture of classic round tables and our farm tables! You can achieve an upscale look for a fraction of the price! We suggest using 1-4 farm tables as a head table (for the bridal party) and one for the cake/dessert bar!





The Cross $100



Wine Barrels $50 each 


Pipe & Drape $125

Stair Decor – Lanterns (flowers not included)

Stunning variety of 22 lanterns (both sides of staircase) with flame-less, flickering LED candles  $175

How you know you’ve found THE ONE… (Venue that is)


Service & communication: Has the venue answered your emails/phone calls in a timely manner? Has the venue given you the attention you deserve during the interview/venue selection process? Do they give you the warm and fuzzies? Or do they give you the cold corporate chain feel? (Kendall Point isn’t a corporate chain, we are small town, home grown, treat you like family people, venue.)



Plan B: Can the venue hold your guest count with out any issues? Does the venue have a stunning Plan B (inclement weather) option? Can they execute that plan with a team/staff to make it easy, and free? Or are you responsible for moving tables and chairs on your wedding day? (Kendall Point does it all for you, we got your back. And we can hold 400 of your guests, but smaller weddings like 80 guests as well without the venue swallowing you).



Event Time: How many hours do you get the venue for? Is it a tricky situation? Can you really party until midnight at your venue, or shut down at 10:30 to be out by midnight? (KP is yours all day. One wedding per day. Only one property too, so no other weddings going on at the same time next door. No random strangers, no hotel guests, just you and your gang. Oh, and let’s party til’ midnight. We don’t shut down until midnight).



Do’s and Don’ts: Does the venue have any restrictions on décor, noise, alcohol or food? Be sure to ask the venue what the restrictions are and ask for a copy of the contract. (We don’t like glitter or confetti, but open to other ideas! Noise is fine, we are surrounded by our own property).



What is included: A/C, Heat, parking, restrooms, cleaning, trashcans, tables, chairs, etc. Is there damage deposit? Do you have to mop, or clean? (Kendall Point includes it all. We can crank down the air or turn up the heat. Up to you, and we will be here to make it happen, the entire time. Don’t worry about clean up, that’s on us too).



Dressing Rooms: Does the venue have a bridal suite and a groom’s suite to use all day? Does it have a lot of space? Do the rooms have games, a TV, private bathroom and shower? Does each room have a private balcony/porch easy access to outside? If not, are their hotels close by so you can have these things? (Oh ya we do. GORGEOUS brides suite, and grooms suite (the guys deserve fabulous too). TV’s, showers, games, private balcony’s, private entrances, all the goods. Make yourself at home, stay a while).



Vendors: Does the venue have inhouse catering that you are required to use? Or does the venue have a list to choose from for more freedom? Can you bring in your alcohol? Using in-house vendors only will increase the cost of your wedding by THOUSANDS of dollars. (Nah, we have a list of 10 caterers for you to choose from (quality control). But you are in complete control of your budget, from BBQ to fancy lobster, it’s up to you, totally. We don’t have a liquor license—that means you can bring in your own alcohol as much as you want, any kind. WINNING).



Do This, Not That : Venue Tours 101

Do this. Not that: Venue Tours 101!

We love venue tours! We love showing brides Kendall Point and giving all the warm and fuzzies. But there are somethings that you just don’t know, until you know! For those of you who do your homework—here’s another short read for ya!


  • Make an appointment: Tours are by appointment only. Make sure you’ve scheduled one before you show up! Don’t show up on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon for a tour! Wedding day!


  • Show up on time. #1 !! Especially on Saturdays! Tours are scheduled back to back to back to accommodate as many brides as possible! If you arrive late, yikes, it puts a kink in everything! Allow for about 20 minutes for a tour on a Saturday!


  • If you need a moment, take one! We don’t mind. If you are not comfortable discussing something in front of us, don’t be shy, ask for space J


  • If you tour on a Saturday, consider who you bring with you! Limit your invites to you and your fiancé, mom and dad, and or the immediate most important. Saturday’s are wedding days; So we limit our tour time on Saturdays to accommodate many couples, and most important, we are considerate to the bride of the day! So, to make sure you can see everything and get the most out of your tour, limit the amount of people you bring with you for less distractions! Hey, if you book a tour during the week, bring all the people… we have more time and attention to give to you J


  • We are not sleezy salespeople! No pressure, we won’t ask you to book onsite, we won’t follow you to your car, we won’t email you 500 times. We get it, choosing the right venue is kind of a big deal!  When you are ready, we are ready.


  • Want to see a contract? Cool, we can email you one so you can read it without distraction. We have nothing to hide, we are happy to share a sample contract with you!


  • Ask us what dates are open. Our golden rule…” Fall in love with your venue, not your date” …SOOOOO this means you can ask what dates we have open. We would love to share our calendar with you so you can see what dates are available, going, or gone!


  • Every been HANGRY? Don’t come to the tour hungry, you can’t focus!


  • Read Reviews. Google is helpful from a guest’s (or any random persons) perspective, but The Knot and Wedding wire tell the good, the bad and the ugly from real brides. Also, read the venue responses to reviews. It will tell you a lot about the ethics of a business.


  • Questions: Ask away! But first, get through tour. We bet most of your questions are answered before you have to ask them!


  • Be sure to ask about any hidden fees, or “plus-plus” fees. Heads up, Kendall Plantation has no hidden fees or plus-plus fees. We keep it simple, the way it should be.



The Day of Rehearsal @ Kendall Point

  (You need to read this)→ Day of wedding rehearsal? (You need to read this)

Are you interested in stress relief? Us too. By the way, there is no rule that says you MUST have a wedding rehearsal.

With just about 1,000 weddings hosted at Kendall Point, we know how to eliminate unneeded stress.  Hosting a rehearsal the morning of your wedding is one of the most stress-relieving things you can do. Promise. I am sure most of you have been in a wedding before, whether it be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, at some point, the bride requested you be in town or available the day before the wedding, or days before the wedding, for a rehearsal. Admit it, you had a little eye roll when you found out you had to be at a rehearsal at 3pm on a Thursday or Friday before a wedding. You had to take off work early, or the entire day, you had an extra hotel night to pay for, and you likely had to purchase a new wardrobe for the rehearsal. Just to follow the person in front of you and stand in a line. Ya, we get it. There are numerous benefits of hosting a day-of rehearsal, but we narrowed it down for you to our 5 favorite reasons to skip the unnecessary stressor.

  1. Doing a day of rehearsal allows you to plan your rehearsal dinner anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to search for a nearby restaurant and worry about timing of the dinner and traffic getting to and from the venue to the restaurant. Gather with your besties and enjoy the stress-free evening at your favorite hangout spot, or favorite restaurant, and relax. You can even do the rehearsal portion at the dinner location. A Rehearsal can be done anywhere- at any time other than the venue. BONUS: If you have a wedding planner/day of planner or coordinator, guess what? They are going handle all the details the day of. They will be there to direct traffic and tell the wedding party exactly what to do and where to stand that day. Why do it twice?

  2. Out of town guests/travelers? Awesome! Save them an extra day and let them get settled in before the celebrations commence! Day of wedding rehearsals give your out-of-towners a little wiggle room in case of travel delays, traffic, and or unexpected flight changes.

  3. 10am-Midnight. That is how long you have the Kendall Point. That’s 14 hours folks. Ample time to run a day of rehearsal in the morning, or even afternoon of the wedding depending on your timeline. How many times have you been at a rehearsal the day before the wedding and you are waiting on the last bridesmaid or groomsmen to arrive? Ugh! Without fail, someone is always late and will put you way behind schedule for getting the rehearsal dinner started. When you host the rehearsal on the day of the wedding, it’s real. Real, real. The wedding party will switch into wedding mode and be more focused and ready. And guess what, it will be fresh on their mind too, because the wedding is the same day. You can even sweet talk the wedding party and promise them coffee and tacos the morning of the rehearsal. Once the rehearsal is over, the girls head straight to the brides room and begin their hair and make-up. Boom, everyone already there, and ready to jump right into the wedding day preps. The guys can hang out at the venue, but we mostly see them all jump in a car and head to SA (10 minutes away) and hit Top Golf, or grab a quick lunch, maybe even bowling. Ohhh…you don’t want to see the Groom on the day of the wedding? Good. (We love that tradition!). We typically see the bride stashed in the bridal suite during the rehearsal. The bride already knows what to do! Am I right?! The rehearsal can just be for the bridal party and the groom! Let’s face it, you have had this planned out for some time now, and you already know exactly what to do when it’s go time. Don’t forget about that planner you hired! The planner will follow your wishes/guidelines for the rehearsal, so everything will be just as it should be. Trust the process, trust the professionals, we got this!

  4. Guys coming in later? Cool, don’t panic. When the girls arrive at KP to start hair and make-up at 10am, do a quick run through with just the bridesmaids, 15-20 minutes tops. Then, when the guys arrive later in the day, the planner can do a run through with them too. Now both parties have practiced their steps, and know exactly what to do, and it is fresh on their minds! Feeling better about the day of rehearsal yet?

  5. It’s just a quick walkthrough (everyone knows how to walk, correct?). Don’t over-rate the rehearsal. The procession down the aisle and standing at the alter are self-explanatory. Don’t over think it. Don’t let other people make you crazy about these things. Have a dinner if you want, don’t if you don’t. Absolutely not necessary. The planner will help everyone get down the aisle, and the officiant will take it from there and tell you exactly what to do.

Engagement Season…


{Engagement Season: Yup, it’s a thing y’all.}


What in the world is going on!? Here you are, engaged AF, and you have your heart set on a Saturday in October…. but you call the venue of your dreams and they are already booked. Ughhhh. How? What? Why? You don’t know until you know, as they say! Don’t worry girl, we got you! “Engagement season” is a real thing. Here is what you need to know:


Christmas Eve, Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year’s Eve (that’s me!)

New Year’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Sounds cliché, but it’s totally not. Getting engaged during the holidays is the most fun, apparently everyone else thinks so too! What does that mean? This means dates are flying off the shelves and it’s a mad dash to the finish line for the most popular dates (Saturdays!).  Do not panic. Read that again, do not panic!

  • DON’T: Lock yourself into ONE wedding date before you tour venues. This will limit your options greatly.                                                                                                  
  • DO: Choose a range of dates. Don’t fall in love with a date, fall in love with the venue.
  • DON’T: Ignore the proposal trends above. It affects venue availability                     
  • DO: Go ahead, we dare you, book your venue before you get that ring. You’d be surprised how often we see this happen. All. The. Time. Brides put down a deposit to hold a date because they know the proposal is imminent. Weird at first, maybe, but guess what, you got the date you wanted, the venue you wanted, and you are one step ahead of the rest. WINNING.
  • DON’T: Choose a date because of what the weather “might” do. It’s Texas, Texas has no pattern. Texas does what Texas wants.                                                      
  • DO: Choose a date because it works with your schedule, you like that time of the year, and you can’t control the weather. We can’t guarantee the weather will be “perfect” (what does perfect even mean?!) but, we can guarantee it doesn’t matter, because it is what it is, and we make the best of it.  Have you seen our indoor wedding options? Swoon.
  • DON’T: Get stuck on a Saturday! Y’all, seriously, there are 6 other days in the week other than a Saturday.                                                                                           
  • DO: Open your mind. If you have found the one venue that checks all the boxes and it’s a must have, choose a different date other than Saturday if it’s not available. HELLO! Fridays and Sundays often offer a much lower rate. Kendall Point is $2000 less on a Friday/Sunday. Yes, we said $2000 dollars. I can find somewhere else to spend 2K, can you?! If you decide on a weekday, girl, we have a deal for you! Weekday pricing is even better.

Somewhere, over the Rainbow!

Ashley + Andy’s Hill Country Dream Wedding | The Kendall Plantation


Ashley & Andy chose The Kendall Plantation, in Boerne Texas to be married at and begin their forever. This Hill Country Venue hosts some of the most refined, elegant, and romantic weddings around! Their big day had finally arrived, and with it came a wild September morning storm, that turned around into the perfects sunny day! Wedding magic is real y’all, and this fun loving couple truly deserved all the rainbows and sunshine they got! When I arrived Blushd was just finishing up Ashley’s hair & makeup, and she looked stunning!


Ashley is the girl that everyone loves, she is SO kind and fun spirited, it was a joy to photograph her wedding and felt like a day among friends!


Can we talk about this FLORAL?! Mandy with Blume Haus truly outdid herself. From the delicate pinks, corals and whites to the grand aisle design, we were in love.


Andy and his guys were equally awesome! College Baseball players supporting one another through every step of the way!


AND. THAT. RING! Andy, you did good!


As soon as the beautiful bride was ready for her wedding day, it was time for a heart touching first look with all her favorite girls (and her two brides men!)


Needless to say, they had a hard time holding their tears back!


The incredible four tier cake by Cakes & More Bake Shop was up, every little detail was perfect, and the day ready to shine!


Melissa with All In The Details, one of my favorite wedding planners ever, rushed out to the balcony excitedly letting us know “Its time! We have a 20 minute break in the forecast!” and thank goodness for her, because their wedding was blessed with the most perfect rainbow! No photoshop here folks! Just a little creative exposure.


Even though the forecast called for thunder and rain, it all seemed to move aside for Ashley & Andy’s special day.


The sun seemed to get brighter and brighter, setting beautifully over Ashley and Andy’s portrait time and lending the perfect light for us to hang out with these happy little Beer Burros from Texas Hill Country Events


Their rainbow even came back and dropped down for us to grab a portrait with it! My photographer heart was over the moon! My good friend Mark Thomas doing the videography with Mark Thomas Pro Photo was equally impressed!


I mean could this hill country venue get any more romantic? We thought not, but in a rare September bloom, The Kendall Plantation had wildly gorgeous purple flowers where we normally see their classic red roses, and it was EVERYTHING!


And just like that, it was party time! We spent the evening with one of the best DJ’s around (like ever) Phillip with 5150 Productions, and it was as they say “LIT!”.


All the way to the end, this wedding was PURE MAGIC! Their grand sparkler exit was AWESOME!



And thank you to all of the amazing vendors who ran the show and made this all possible!!


Photographer: Annakyi Gilbert – Snap Chic Photography Venue: Kendall Plantation Coordination: All In The Details Events Floral: Blume Haus Hair & Makeup: Blushd Videography: Mark Thomas Entertainment: 5150 Productions Bar Service: Bartenders4you Cake: Cakes & More Bake Shop Catering: Got It Covered Events Photobooth: Vanity Flair Photo Booth Beer Burros: Texas Hill Country Events