Wedding Films: The Story of Your Wedding

Wedding Films : {The story of your wedding}

So, it’s here. Your big day. The wedding. The real deal. Its go time. Game day. The anticipation is over, the nightmares will stop, no more planning, no more nail biting, IT IS TIME TO PARTY. You invested in all the right vendors, devoted countless hours planning and designing the wedding from top to bottom. You are about to exchange vows and promise forever with the man of your dreams. You are the bell of the ball, all dressed in white, flawless make up and hair, the perfect jewelry, a handsome groom, the cutest little flower girl and ring bearer, and grandpa looks so sweet dancing with grandma on the dancefloor. It is the perfect day. Do you have this image in your head? Are you excited? Does it make you a little nervous and teary eyed? It should! I love this part!

 Now…..if you could only rewind this day and do it again and again, and share it with your friends and family that couldn’t make it, or watch it after your first big fight, or show your kids, and one day your grandkids…. If you could only just hear those words you spoke ever so softly to your groom telling him you will always love him, and never forsake him. If you could hear your dad during the toast get choked up telling the story of his little girl, his princess, his everything… growing up to become the most incredible person. If you could just turn back time and be a fly on the wall watching your crazy cousin do the worm on the dance floor; you missed that part because you were visiting with your great aunt who insisted on pulling you aside to take a photo with her! If you could only see your favorite grandpa one more time in a video. Or maybe a couple of days after the wedding everyone is talking about your sister who decided to get crazy on the dance floor and showed off moves no one was expecting, but you missed it because you ran to the bar, or had obligatory photos to take with guests on the porch…it will happen! Your wedding only happens once! But nothing can preserve the memory quite like a video can. It is a live action documentary of one of the most important cherished days of your life. Even if you think you will never forget your day, and you remember it vividly, there are some things you will not be able to experience or see with out a video to tell your story. Most brides describe their wedding as a blur! It goes by super fast, and spending thousands of dollars doesn’t sound worth it, if you aren’t going to be able remember it well!

“The biggest problem I see, is that brides are so hung up in the details

while planning a wedding, that it is almost impossible for them to think

of anything but the details. Video is not about the details as much as

it is about capturing a moment in time with the people closest to you,

and if done right, creating a tribute to why you are together 10-30 years

down the line when it becomes hard to remember why. People are the fabric of our

lives, photos can capture their likeness but video captures their heart and soul.

Like I say, its personal for me.”

Mark Thomas with Mark Thomas Pro Photo and Video.

Really,… who doesn’t want to be the star in their own movie?! Professional videographers have been trained to get the results you are looking for. They invested in high quality equipment to give you only the best outcome. The point is, I would give anything at all— to have a wedding video, and I would bet most brides who didn’t get video would say the same thing. Choosing the right video is of upmost importance and should not be a “oh we’ll add it if we have anything left over type thing”. For real, you are telling your story. Advances in camera technology have made it possible to capture weddings like never before. What videographers are able to do with digital editing makes a wedding video much more like a professional film.

Take a second and click on the highlighted blue links above…watch a few of these videos from Mark Thomas and tell me you don’t get the warm and fuzzies! Invest in video. Don’t let your story go untold.


Kristin Voss