To: The Bride to be From: The Bride to be

You deserve the gift of a wedding planner. Your family deserves a gift of a wedding planner. And your friends deserve a gift of a wedding planner.

So you think you can do it on your own?! But why in the world would you do that to yourself!  Weddings are an investment. It is a one time, once in a lifetime magical event for two people to celebrate their union. Why would you put months (maybe years) into planning your dream wedding, and then not hire a professional planner to manage the day that you worked so hard to make perfect! I could go on and on  why to hire a planner- I have done it before, and you have probably heard me rant on this a million times! I am serious as serious can be. Hire a professional planner! We have a fabulous list of professional planners on our website. We did our homework on each planner, so we know each one VERY WELL. We know how they work, when they work, and who they work with.  Each one has different packages, and different options for you to pick that will fit in your budget. Give it a shot, give yourself a gift, you did all the dreaming, and choosing colors, and picking bridesmaids, let the professionals make your dream a reality. Seamless, painless, flawless, on point- with a professional wedding planner. Best money you can spend, and in some cases,  you can justify the cost of a wedding planner by the buckets of money you will save with their vendor to vendor deals! They know the answers to most everything, they know all the secrets, they know all the rules, they know the tricks of the trade.

Check these out!

Sweet August Events – Katherine Lopez     

Haute Weddings – Lisa Morales

Diamonds & Dreams – Tina Humphrey

Weddings By Diana Boucher – Diana Boucher

Timeless Beginnings – Audrey Eichelberger

Hill Country Planning- Brenda Seally

All in the Details Events- Melissa Gaines

Wedding & Event Designs by Pamela

I know these ladies very well, and know their character and work ethics. Top notch. Give yourself a gift! It is your wedding!


Kristin Voss