Keg Beer vs. Bottle/Can Beer

Hello Gorgeous brides and grooms!

Below is a short break down of keg beer versus cans/bottles. Bartenders4U shows us the difference, and how you can save yourself a headache and a disaster at the bar!

“So let me Break this Down for you! (1) Keg of Bud Light cost $105.21 at Mireles Party Kegs sounds cheap enough right? But wait!  You need to buy 150 cups which will run about 16.99.  Oh and don’t forget the ice you need to keep this 16 gallon tin can cold for the next 6 hours of your reception. More if your bar is outside!  Count on using about 100 pounds of ice for each keg. This is roughly going  to cost you another $50.00 if your lucky!  So now, we are up to $172.20….ouch…

7 Cases of Beer (24 packs) is equal to one keg… ONLY  if you get every single drop of beer out of your keg. But we all know from our college days,  FOAM = BEER, we do not serve foam….we dump it out.  SO you just lost valuable beer 🙁 Sad face!

 7 Cases of  Bud Light at HEB will cost you $132.79. WAIT? WHAT?!  YES!  Bartenders4U will ice it down in clean beautiful bins, no cups needed, AND we will dry off and pack up the leftovers for you in a nice little box. Lucky for you, if you drive a smart car, we can fit bottles or cans in your car… but a KEG, not so much…hope some one has a truck that has stuck around to the end of the reception to take it all the way back to the rental place!

The worst part about a keg…. hot foamy beer, slowing down your lines only to serve hot foamy beer because they have been sitting out side in 98 degree weather for 6 hours because you thought it was going to be more cost effective! Bummer! What happens if the pump you rented from the keg store breaks..(it happens all. the. time.) uh oh. No Bueno, and at that point, no beer = no happy guests. Lastly, the keg store will not buy back any left over beer from a keg. But guess what, they will buy back bottles or cans that are not used! Score! Money back from a wedding?!  I’ll take it! ”

Consider this, speak with the friendly owners at Bartenders4U, Charlie and Jennifer Smith. They will help you make the best decisions for your bar, to keep your costs most effective, and help you get exactly what you need for the big day! By the way, when you head over there for your free consultation, try the margaritas… I especially like the coconut flavor and habenaro lime….YUM! Did you know you can have a signature drink like margaritas and color them based on your wedding theme? It is a great convo starter for your guests, and makes it that much more custom!


Kristin Voss , thanks to Jennifer Smith of Bartenders4U