2016 Traditions, Trends and Tragedies!

Here at Kendall Plantation, we don’t do too much dabbling in the design aspect of a brides wedding. But we do pay attention, and oooh and awwe at each special detail including the invitations!   We have seen mason jar after mason jar, and purple after purple after purple, donut trees, head pieces, and trends galore. But, one thing that remains the same; Tradition. Traditions such as a real wedding cake, and a real cake topper. A father daughter dance, champagne toast, something blue, borrowed, and  something new. I see 2016 as the year of the bride who brings back more traditional wedding elements such as the ones listed above. Traditions are traditions, and  mom’s and grandmothers LOVE tradition! There is nothing more a mom wants to see than her little girl follow in her footsteps on wedding day. I would bet that more brides use more of what their mom and grandmother gave them to incorporate into her wedding. Super cool! We especially love when brides choose a date based on their parents and grandparents anniversary. Ultimate honor!

Here are a few things we think 2016 will show more of in the wedding world!

1. Grandma’s as flower girls- long are the days of begging a 4 year old to walk down the aisle,,,,use grandma’s to be the flower girl. Genius!

2. Neutral Elegance- Organic and clean floral. Elegance, not sensory overload.  I see more brides building their personality into each centerpiece rather than robbing Pinterest blind and making it super perfect. Blush, Gold, sequins, champagnes, colors that are pouring out  elegant, classy, and a little sexy.  I don’t see gold going anywhere this year, but I see it with more pops and bold colors to back it up. I have not seen a color yet that doesn’t match with true gold, or blush gold. Gold is every colors best friend. It just works.

3. Gone are the days of a “barn” wedding. Trend reports (and our calendar!) show that brides are looking for more elegant affairs. Thanks to big time celebrities throwing all out glamorous weddings, and new lines of fabulous linens and gowns, brides are steering towards elegance. Let us not forget we are in Texas, and the best part of Texas at that! So we expect to see cowboy boots, antler sheds, and “Texas glam”. Bring on the sequins, neutrals, and elegant venues. 2016 will be sure to glam it up!

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  12109107_1057936987551764_2578671889501617502_n      12509201_1100018250010304_4898760259753753645_n

(Flowers by Blume Haus)

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