November to Remember

Here we are! November 2014!

Kendall Plantation celebrated its 3rd birthday this month! Can you believe it has been 3 years?! What a joy and blessing this has been. I have witnessed over 300 weddings and events and loved every second of it. People often ask if I am tired of it yet…..NO. I am not tired of it yet, and not even close to tired of it. I love weddings! The most incredible feeling in the world is standing right behind my bride (you’ve seen the photos on Instagram) before she walks down the aisle. They have no idea how much their life is about to change for ever. I can’t imagine the thoughts in their head as they are about to embark on their most important journey in life. And for the groom, patiently and eagerly waiting for his bride at the gazebo….OH MY! I love it! So sweet, and so innocent. Nothing else matters, no one else exists at that point. As soon as those double french doors open wide, it is direct and constant eye contact with bride and groom. She can’t wait for him to see her, and he can’t wait to see her. Ughhhh! So awesome! How could you get tired of that?!

I realize the last blog was February…oops! We have done some wonderful things at KP since then! New ramp onto the golf cart path, new and grand and gorgeous stone column fence and gates, lots of new landscaping, and major upgrades in bride and grooms room! Can’t wait for you to see it if you haven’t already!

Check out our new website too! We updated our preferred vendors list (stick to it!) and added more photos. Trying to reach 500 followers on Pinterest….can you guys help me with that?! Follow me at kendallboerne. Also joined Instagram (where I take the famous bride and dad shot), you can follow us there too!

In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, here are a couple shots of some summer weddings! Enjoy!


Country Sugar


Blume Haus Floral


Sweet August Events





DPC Event Services



Blume Haus Floral