Happy October,

This year has been amazing! Great brides, great families, and perfect weddings….right?!
So you want the perfect wedding? Here is my thoughts on that, (in case you want to know).

1. Book your wedding at Kendall Plantation
2. Start hiring vendors from the Vendors We Love list provided for you
3. Don’t count on Friends and Family to help you for day of planning
4. Ask KP about any vendor you are unsure of, we have the scoop on most of them

After the first step,the 3 steps following may seem a little harsh. But I can not stress enough that choosing vendors that are familiar with KP, and policies will make your life and more importantly YOUR WEDDING perfect or as close to perfect as possible. With out the relationship KP has with the vendors we love, there is no guarantee that they will be here on time, prepared and fully understanding of the importance of your wedding. It took over 100 weddings to develop a list of vendors that I trust enough to put on a list with our stamp of approval. These vendors proved time and time again that they are here to stay, professional, hard workers, and genuinely care about each bride they have. I did my homework so you don’t have to! The vendors we love have a wide budget range.
Before you book with a wedding planner who has never worked here, a DJ who you found on craigslist, or a caterer who has no experience but offered you steak shrimp for $5.99…..lets get real.
I provide the list to you so that you can have with out a doubt the best experience for your big day. We want your guests to feel at home at KP, with the best entertainment, the best service for food, and a wedding planner that knows this place like the back of their hand and can turn water in to wine…okay…maybe not. But you get me?!
***Brides, I care about you, I love you, I want you to have a good day, I want your family to have a good day. If you are going to spend all this $$$ on your most important day, do it right (doesn’t mean it has to be expensive either!!) And trust when I tell you that the preferred vendors are the way to go.  “But wait… I thought you allow any vendors to come into KP”?? Ah, yes we do. And we are always happy to open the doors to any business to come here, but the last thing you want to do is babysit on your wedding day because none of your vendors get along, or maybe they are not familiar with the site, or weddings at all (yikes, but I have seen it).

Wow! Too much information? Did the previous statements make you feel like you were being yelled at?!!! LOL, I (Kristin) am here for you to answer any questions you have with any vendors, use me!! I love weddings, I love my brides, and I love it when brides are happy happy happy on their wedding day with no regrets of choosing the wrong vendors.

Enough blogging for today, I am making an early resolution to blog at least every other week…. 😉
Kristin Voss
Kendall Plantation