Sweet Sweet Summer Time!

I know everyone is tired of the heat already and begging for some relief! It’s Texas ya’ll! Lets embrace the heat! What better way then having a wedding outside!!!! But seriously, If you are planning a summer wedding (starting in April-October in Texas) then consider special timing of your event. Our grass is shaded at the most careful time of day (yes this was thought out during the building and planning process). We suggest a 6:00-6:30 ceremony time starting in May, once we get to June-September we suggest 6:30. Lets face it, we know in July the sun is out until 9:00pm and chances are it will still be well into the upper 90’s (if you’re lucky), so there is plenty of daylight and the best (coolest) daylight at 7:00; prime time photo time! If you must have a 4:30 ceremony time in July, consider doing an indoor ceremony, tenting the grass, or renting several port-o-cools for the ceremony area.
Other ideas include having a pre-cocktail hour for your guests to grab a cool beverage before the ceremony starts on the lawn.  It was 102 on Saturday for our bride and luckily she had the most brilliant idea of adult snow cones down on the lawn for her guests to enjoy before and during the ceremony. It was perfect! Our wrap around porches really allow your guests to ‘chill’ out after the ceremony and they seem to enjoy it underneath the ceiling fans and shade. Having a bar outside is ideal at KP, we find people make their way out at some point and take in all the photo-ops and views while enjoying an ice cold beverage.

Okay, enough about the heat. I have posted some pictures of past weddings (one this weekend) that were stunning. This was the first time we had Don Strange Catering out at KP. I pray it is not the last….their food and service was outstanding. I am totally blown away by their hospitality and professionalism. Each staff member walked around with a smile on their face, shoulders back, confident and quick to get you what ever you needed. I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for a caterer. This weekends wedding was hosted by Tina Humphrey of Diamonds and Dreams….this lady is awesome!!! If you are looking for a wedding planner (and you should be) give her a call. Wedding planners seriously make the difference. I know everyone thinks they can do it on their own…( I am one of them) but they make or break it for weddings. I have seen and worked the weddings with out planners and its a huge difference. Each wedding is successful at KP because we would do anything to make it perfect. But a wedding planner really has an eye and feel for weddings. Leave it to the professionals…(not grandma, mom and sister). Let the family enjoy the day too and give them off. Don’t worry them with lighting candles, packing bags, making timelines, straightening chairs, confirming vendors, fixing broken buttons and starting the music on time….GET A WEDDING PLANNER!!!! Compare services with each planner and see what they do and don’t do. Get to know each other and interview different ones until you find the one you click with. There are a bunch a good ones out there 🙂 We have worked with the best so far and are happy to recommend them!

As we close out the month, July was good to us, and we can’t wait for August. MISSION-Wedding is in a few short weeks, and we seriously can not wait to celebrate. Kendall Plantation will also be hosting an industry party for The Knot Magazine. We are truly blessed and excited to have been chosen to host this event. We have added new life to the landscaping, rose bushes in the front are still blooming and look awesome, and the new trees we planted last month are fitting in just perfect. Finally, I will be adding a 2nd baby to our family in September (if I make it!) so, keep in mind, your wedding is very important to me and I want it to be nothing less than perfect. I will make a Facebook announcement when he/she arrives (we didn’t find out), but will be just a phone call or email/text message away. I did it before with baby #1 and I will do it again with baby #2 !!! Thank you for following us on our blog and Facebook page. Thanks for being a part of our Kendall Plantation family, cheers,
Kristin Voss

Images By Rebekah


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