Happenings at KP!

Hello Brides!

It has been too long since our last blog but thank you for keeping up with us!
–A quick thank you– I would say we are full swing into our summer weddings. Spring has come and gone and left us with many wonderful memories and stories to share!  We started the 2012 spring weddings with brides who booked with us way back during the blue print days! Many of our brides contacted me through our website looking for the perfect venue for their big day. At the consultations and “tours” I would bring my blue prints of the building and lay them down on the back of my truck for the bride and family to go over with me. All they had to go off was an idea and rough sketch of the building. As I reflect back to those days, I can’t imagine what was going through the head of some of the dads writing checks to me just hoping this building would be what their little girls dreamed of. I answered as many questions as I could for them about what the building would look like, what paint colors, what kind of landscaping, down to how many bathroom stalls we would have. Knowing these brides were taking a huge gamble on us, I tried to paint the picture as best I could by printing out pictures and magazine clippings of chandeliers, door styles, floor options etc. I was as new to this as they were…and they trusted me. I hold each one of my brides so close to my heart and walked away with friendship with many of them because we got to know each other so well in the process of building and planning a wedding. I admit, I was scared, and anxious as the building kept getting further and further along hoping that the brides who only saw a blue print would be happy and match what they had pictured in their head. But at the end of the day, each bride was overwhelmed with happiness. I can not explain the feeling of a father giving me a hug saying ‘thank you’ or tearing up as he says “it’s better than I could ever dream”. I really have the best job in the world! I want to solute all the spring brides who came on board with me when all we had was a blue print, and thank you for trusting in Kendall Plantation for the most special day in your life.

Okay! (drying of tears) Back to what is going on these days!

*We will be adding 2 additional trees on the front side of the building near the corner of the porch. This side of the building sees a lot of sunshine in the afternoon and we want your guests to be more comfortable during cocktail hour with extra shade!

*Natural grass coming back! With the recent rains (huge blessing) natural grass is on the rise around the area filling in some of those ‘blank’ spots creating a real Texas hill country feeling.

*A new layer of rocks will be added on the back side of the building along the stairs, this will add new definition and texture for some draw dropping photo back drops. (really excited about this!)

*Web camera huge hit and guests are loving it!

*Fall 2013 dates filling quickly

*’Winter Special’ for month of January

*MISSION Wedding to take place this August; we had an overwhelming response of letters come in spilling their life stories to us and telling us about their trials serving for our country. Vendors have been bending over backwards to make this wedding a real dream come true for our winners Shawn and Carmen. (can’t wait for this!!)

*Realizing importance of wedding planners! Wedding planners can save the day and your sanity when it comes to wedding day! We strongly suggest hiring a PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER! KP has had the honor to work with several great planners and is happy to suggest some to you 🙂

*Worried about the heat? Our over sized wrap around porches have ceiling fans every 10 feet; this his extremely helpful, but when it’s hot…it’s hot… consider purchasing bottled water for your guests to grab during the ceremony or just after so they can cool down! KP is always willing to pre-ice down your drinks for you!

*Linens and things-KP is now offering a full line of colored linens, napkins, chargers, sashes, and overlays! Come see our linen books to get the perfect color for your theme!

I think I covered the basics, I will keep up more often with the blog (promise); please keep checking our website for specials and our Facebook page for updated photos! Thank you again new and old brides for choosing Kendall Plantation for your wedding day. We are honored to host your wedding and we look forward to it!

-Kristin, Kendall Plantation

 New Stairs!

 New life for Oak Tree