Free Keg at your wedding?!

Hello Brides !

Construction is coming along, I will share pictures later today. Let’s see who really reads this blog! The first 3 brides to post their wedding date and theme on our Facebook page will get a free keg from Kendall Plantation! Ready Go!

Steel Day 1 & 2

Good Morning!

We are at Day 3 of steel erection and it is looking great! They are moving fast getting all the beams and joists in place! The Plantation is really starting to take shape now. The pictures are from Day 1 and Day 2. Day 1: Started out sunny and hot ended with wet and muggy. These guys worked right through the rain and toughed it out. They put in place all the columns, these will be wrapped up in white to look like a Plantation!
Day 2: They added joists to secure these columns in place. Some represent the second floor and are starting to frame out each room. At first when we had a grey slab with nothing on it, I thought it looked small, but now with all this steel and structure it is really taking shape and I realized just how big 9000 square feet (with out second floor) really is!!!! More pictures to come in the morning! Have a fabulous Thursday!


Steel Galore!

So, the steel arrived, and the workers wasted no time getting the structural columns up! They are high in the sky and easy to see from the highway now! They look amazing! I will be posting pictures later this evening when the workers leave and I can adore the columns in all their glory! Hope you all will come out soon and drive by to see them, before you know it there will be actual walls! 🙂

I look forward to the open house in September! I hope you will be there!



Wedding Fair!

Thank you to all who came out to see our booth and registered for prizes! Lisa Patterson and Jennifer Wooten took home $25 and $100 gift cards from Kendall Plantation! Congrats girls!

The wedding fair was a great success and we were excited to introduce Kendall Plantation to hundreds of possible KP brides! Jeremy and I get to see all the vendors “behind the scenes” building their booths and getting ready for brides to visit them. We did a lot of networking before and after the show to get our name out there and build relationships with vendors that we like! As you know we do not have any exclusive relationships with any vendors, so you can tailor your wedding to how YOU want it! The purpose of meeting other vendors is to protect my brides and make sure they are who they say they are! I was especially impressed with HEB Blooms…their arrangements are stunning! I was also impressed with Heavenly Gourmet who was very professional and kind. Some times these wedding fairs can feel a bit overwhelming when they are all bombarding you handing you literature left and right, but they are informational. I tell my brides to do some research before they go and make a list of who they want to visit that way you have a clear goal in mind and don’t make unnecessary stops!




Did any of you get to see the photo booths? I am really excited about those, what a great way to keep guest entertained at a wedding, and a great way for ‘real life’ photos! I will have a construction update this afternoon, with more pictures. I am excited the way things are going and can’t wait for that slab! Keep in touch, Cheers!

We have concrete!!!

Good Tuesday Morning!

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! As most of my faithful followers already know, we have a slab!!! I hope you got a chance to come by and see it in all it’s glory! It was a long process but they got it done! We started at 2:00 am Friday morning! I was there to witness all the fun and it was amazing to see it all happen. Everything went smooth and perfect as they poured 350 yards of concrete into the ground!

Things are still moving along nicely and you can expect to see red iron going up soon, they will start with the exterior beams (22) and then they will work their way up to the 2nd floor and roof. The 2nd floor pour is scheduled in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to see that!

Come out and take a peek this weekend and get a feel for the layout of the building. I can not wait to have our first wedding out on the wrap around porches. The views are incredible, and will make beautiful pictures.

Kendall Plantation